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„We were a global company, without even being aware of it, as this term was not coined until much later.“
Josef Thannhuber

55 years of Einhell

A big story told briefly


Years of foundation and development

With an abundance of ideas and visions, Josef Thannhuber takes over the installation business of his uncle Hans Einhell in 1964. In the following years, he expands Einhell into a prospering, global company.

The Einhell family


Flotation on the stock exchange

In order to provide a sound basis for further investments and long-term growth on a national and international level, Einhell was converted from a family-run SME into a globally operating market-listed corporation.


New times, new management - change of generations

After about 40 years as head of Einhell, Josef Thannhuber initiates a change of generations in the management level, in 2000. The focus of the new CEO Andreas Kroiss on solutions for workshop and garden sets the course for a successful future.

Board of Directors


Cordless freedom with Power X-Change

Einhell recognises early the great desire of customers for freedom and autonomy and introduces with Power X-Change the now so successful battery platform.


Sales records due to repositioning

Einhell positions itself as the high-performance Enabler and for the fi rst time in the company‘s history exceeds the sales mark of 500 million euros.