Domestic waterworks - what does that mean?

Domestic waterworks are devices that can be used for a wide range of applications and consists of a...

Alexander Noack
Guide  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY: Woodturned egg cup

If you enjoy being creative, you can make beautiful pieces with a lathe. Usually the product is...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Build a Easter bunny

Easter is coming closer and closer. Of course we now want to build something that reminds us every...

Heini Schüür
Projects  •  4 Reading Time (in Min.)

Comparison of the cordless screwdriver and the cordless impact driver

One important reason for me, as a keen DIYer, is that the weight and handling of the impact drill...

Stefan Ossenbrüggen
Guide  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to change the tyres of your car

The favourite saying of a tyre dealer is „From E to O“ which means, from Easter to October is the...

Frank Rath
Guide  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

The right approach in polishing your car

The cold days are slowly but surely coming to an end, a sure indicator of this are the first open...

Hauke Leweling
Guide  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

The grass- and blush shear in detail

The cordless grass shear is a useful device for taking care of lawn edges and shrubs. You can...

Frank Rath
Guide  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to build a raised bed

Raised beds become more and more popular. On the one hand, it provides a pleasant and back-friendly...

Frank Rath
Projects  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to recycle wooden flooring

You inherited or bought an old house or flat? Then there is often a lot to do. Besides the usual...

Frank Rath
Guide  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)

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