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Overwintering potted plants

At the beginning of winter, potted plants need shelter from the cold. You can discover all you need...

Hauke Leweling
Guide  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Sliding mitre saw - we can help you out

The name sounds complicated, but the saw is much easier to use than you'd think.
Actually, it is a...

Monika Aigner
Guide  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Rotary hammer or impact drill?

An impact drill is the all-round tool in almost every well-stocked DIYer's household. As well as...

Tobias Guttenberg
Guide  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Circular cutting device for the band saw

The band saw is a versatile device that is part of the standard equipment in many workshops. With...

Harry Früchtl
Guide  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Einhell workshop clock

It´s always the same, you are currently busy with the realization of a blog project and spend hours...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Make your own Swedish fire log

It is as functional as it is simple: cut criss-cross slits into a small log from above, light it,...

Tobias Guttenberg
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Multi-functional firewood trolley

Goodbye to hauling! With the DIY firewood caddy, you can transport heavy objects like wood and...

Christopher Thompson
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Decorative halloween tea light

The autumn has long since arrived and thus not only the temperatures are sinking, but also the days...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Decorative wheelbarrow

Whether you choose springtime flowers or colorful autumn flowers, with this individually plantable...

Heini Schüür
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

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