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Build your own wooden lamp

Often, certain processes do not work the way they originally intended, you have to improvise...

Philipp Weiler
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Build your own BBQ smoker

Do you fever to the World Cup as much as we do? Are you prepared and have you everything ready for...

Tobias Guttenberg
Projects  •  17 Reading Time (in Min.)

Wood connections with the biscuit jointer

Many different woodworking joining systems have come into being in the last few years to join wood...

Frank Rath
Projects  •  11 Reading Time (in Min.)

Build your own cyclone separator

All DIY-ers know the problem of clogged vacuum filters or overflowing vacuum bags in the workshop...

Frank Rath
Projects  •  13 Reading Time (in Min.)

No power to the stain

Floors are continuously under attack in the house. Not just wet dirt and mud brought in from outside...

Monika Aigner
Guide  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Upcycling: turn old into new

Upcycling is not only creative and cost-saving, but also good for the environment by not producing...

Hauke Leweling
Guide  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Suspended ceiling with plasterboard panels

Rooms with high ceilings are indeed very beautiful, but there are many reasons to go for a suspended...

Philipp Weiler
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Drilling in metal made easy

Be it building a garden house, or repairing a piece of furniture or designing the four walls. When...

Hauke Leweling
Guide  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)

Never again blunt drills

Nothing is more irritating than trying to drill a hole with a blunt drill bit. As a rule, the blunt...

Frank Rath
Guide  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

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