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Stylish furniture, fancy decoration, for various occasions and to give as a gift and clever upcycling-ideas: Make your world as you like it, because an individual interior doesn’t have to be expensive! With a little craftsmanship and creativity, you will skillfully set accents in your home – whether indoors or in the garden. We support you with inspiration and detailed instructions for easy imitation. The best part: you not only live out your individuality and decorate your home with your own creations, but also save money and impress your family and friends with great homemade gifts.


DIY Bunk Bed Part 3

Now we build the last details for your bunk bed!

Frank Rath
Decoration & Furnishing  •  12 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY Bunk Bed Part 2

In this part we show you how to build the staircase for the Bunk Bed.

Frank Rath
Decoration & Furnishing  •  14 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY Bunk Bed Part 1

In this three-part series we dedicate ourselves to the construction of a Bunk Bed. 

Frank Rath
Decoration & Furnishing  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY Adirondack - Chair

Build the most comfortable garden chair in the world easily at home!

Klaus Schäfer
Decoration & Furnishing  •  15 Reading Time (in Min.)

Upcycle an old door into a table

Special piece of furniture, for unique people! Build with this detailed guide, your own dining table...

Patrick Jung
Decoration & Furnishing  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to: Heart shaped Planter

Vertical Garden: With this ingenious DIY decoration idea, you turn every barren wall into a thriving...

Tobias Peters
Decoration & Furnishing  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY: Space-saving side table

A small side table, which adapts perfectly with your couch? This smart home decor for the living...

Dominik Heneka
Decoration & Furnishing  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)


Still looking for a fun gift idea to build for Father's Day, Birthday's and Co?

This birdhouse is...

Ingo Düde
Decoration & Furnishing  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Last-Minute gift idea

Are you looking for a special gift for little money? How about a self-made present, with materials...

Nicole Polkehn
Decoration & Furnishing  •  4 Reading Time (in Min.)