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Advent-decoration out of firewood

During long winter nights, there is nothing better than seeing warm candlelight. However, if you want to buy a candlestick, you are often confronted with inflated prices. So why don´t build a great candlestick yourself without needing much craft experience? Interested?

That's how it's done:

Material Tools
1-piece firewood Cordless screwdriver / stationary drilling machine
Wool 40 mm Forstner drill
2x Christmas tree decoration (small) Mitre saw / chisel
3x tea lights Ruler

Step 1: Splitting instead of buying

Anyone who has got an oven at home will have already bought firewood or made it in the old-fashioned manner of self-hacking. Exactly these firewood logs are what we need for our project. Optimal would be an even firewood piece, which is about 20-25 cm long and the bark should, if possible, not be damaged. Spruce, beech and birch look visually most appealing. Now we´ll split the firewood with a hatchet and hope to get two similar pieces out of it.

Step 2: Drawing and drilling

Ideally, after splitting, we have two equal halves of the wood piece. Now we mark three holes with a pencil, where we later want to place the candles. It is advisable to mark the hole on the left side in a slightly larger distance to the edge, in order to be able to place a decorative eye-catcher on this side later. 

Next, we drill the holes for the candles with a cordless screwdriver or with a stationary drilling machine and a 40mm Forstner drill. Here it is recommended to drill on a low power level and with little pressure so that the drill does not overheat and break.

Step 3: Sanding and chiselling

When the holes for the candles are ready, they have to be slightly deburred with sandpaper. Finished with the sanding paper, you can now make a groove with a mitre saw or a chisel on the left side of the firewood, where we have left a slightly wider distance to the tealight. Once the groove is all around the log, we can move on to the decoration part.

Step 4: Decorating

For the decoration, we take the wool and wrap a 1-2 cm wide stripe in and around the groove. In the penultimate winding, we slide on the Christmas tree decorations and then knot the two ends on the back of the log together. And done!

Finally, just put the Christmas tea-light holder in a nice place, light the candles and enjoy your selfmade decoration!

PS: this decoration also makes for a great present. :)

AuthorPatrick Jung
Reading time6 minutes

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