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Making a beer crate high table extension

Big party planned? But too few tables available? With a table attachment for the beer crate, this quickly becomes a high table. 

1. Sawing the panels: 

So that I do not have an ugly juice channel at the end, I cut off about 2cm from both panels using the circular table saw.

Material Tools
2 glued wooden panels 0.80 x 0.40m Router
 1 shuttering board 2m long and 15cm wide Jigsaw
4 screws Cordless screwdriver
Lamello Biscuit joiner
Waterproof glue Grinder
  Disc sander
  Circular table saw

2. Assembling the panels:

Using the biscuit joiner, cut slits for the glue in the centre of both panels.

As the extension will be used outdoors, I have decided to use waterproof glue.I have now filled the surfaces with glue and put everything together. I pressed everything together with a one-hand frame clamp and left to dry for 15 minutes. I wiped off any glue that oozed out immediately.

3. Forming and sawing the circle:

As I do not have a router compass, I had to make do with a simple version and I opted for the simplest form of a compass. Just get a straight strip (from the strips cut in step 1) with a pencil and a screw and you have the perfect compass and therefore the perfect circle.

Now we need the jigsaw, ear protection and dust mask to saw out the circle.

4. Calculate and saw the hole for the crate:

At the beginning I marked the crate and could then drill an 8mm hole into the 4 corners. Now the jigsaw is used again and soon the hole was in the panel.

I quickly tested the fit and it fit right away.

5. Milling the edges:

So that you don't catch yourself on any splinters on the edges, I've milled the edges of the circle on both sides and the edge for the hole.

6. Sand the edges and surfaces:

I sanded the edges with my little grinder, of course wearing a dust mask and ear protection.

I used 80 grit paper in the grinder and 40 and 80 grit paper in the disc sander.

7. Cutting the support boards:

So that the attachment does not slip back and forth, I sawed two boards to 40 cm and two boards to 30 cm with the jigsaw. I screwed the crate together and loosely around the box marked pre-drilled holes and pre-drilled from above with a countersink. Everything is joined together from above with 4 screws.

8. Flaming:

For the flaming, I went out into the fresh air.

After around 10 minutes I got the desired colour so I stopped then.

9. Presentation:

For the presentation, I went to our yard and grabbed three beer crates (for an ideal standing height you need 4 crates).

AuthorSteffen Kutter
Reading time8 minutes

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