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Beer crate seat with flaps

At a garden party, places to sit can soon become a rare find. With this simple and easy-to-store installation you can make a beer crate into a comfortable stool. You don't need much for this beer crate stool with practical fold-out seats and can create a real show piece with little effort.

The material
48 x 22 mm square timber
3x 200x500 mm boards
3x hinges
Wood stain in your favourite colour
Wood oil
Required Tools
Cordless screwdriver
Wood drill for pre-drilling
Circular table saw

How to proceed

Exact measurements

The seat is adapted to your beer crate of choice, so exact measurements are not helpful here. Everything has to be relatively accurate and should have little play.

The frame

The central part is the square timber frame. We will adapt this exactly to the beer crate. And so that the square timber rests on the front and back of the frame of the crate.

The square timber also lies exactly on the side. It doesn't matter if there is a little play here.

We attach a small piece of wood at the centre, both front and back, so that the seat does not slip later when you use it.

The seats

We again adapt the boards for the seats to the size of the beer crate and the frame.

You can have them cut to size at a hardware store or do this yourself at home on the circular table saw or mitre saw.

If you get the chance at this point, you can improve the boards with a router and a profile cutter.


The hinges

Now we lay the boards evenly on the frame and fix them with screw clamps.

I have decided to fit all three boards with hinges. This way, you can reach a bottle without having to take down the seat.

The hinges are attached with appropriate short screws in the middle of the boards on the square timbers.

The side boards still need a small increase, as the square timbers are a bit lower here.



Our stylish and practical beer crate seat is now ready for the next evening out in the garden or the upcoming public showings of the world cup matches.

In principle, your beer crate seat is now finished. If you like, you can now polish with a stain and then seal the wood with wood oil, so that it will withstand even a little chill without any marks.
Florian Landvoigt
AuthorFlorian Landvoigt
Reading time5 minutes

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