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Easter Bunny

Easter is coming closer and closer. Of course we now want to build something that reminds us every day of the upcoming festivities and boosts our anticipation. What is a better solution then building your own wooden Easter-bunny?

Material Tools
Scrap wood: 100 cm x 50 cm Cordless screwdriver
Glued wood panel / scrap wood Jigsaw
Decoration like a basket and eggs  

Step 1: The template

First, you need a template in the form of a rabbit. Herefor I just typed Easter decoration into my search engine and went with one of the first free rabbit results. Of course if you are skilled enough, you can also draw one by hand. After I enlarged my template at the copy shop (for 1.50 €) I took the stencil, placed it on the wood panel and traced the outline of the template with a edding.

Step 2: The cutting

Now we just cut along the draft, with the jigsaw. After that we use a sanding paper to smoothen out the edges of the figure.

Step 3: Building the support

In the next step we’ll mark the support on the wood and saw it out, herefor I also used the jigsaw. It’s recommended to use a piece of weather-resistant wood, but normal wood with wood preservation works too. This support is fundamental for the rabbit to be secure and not being knocked over. Like you can see on these pictures, the support is sawn at an angle. Now you just need to hold the support against the figure and screw it with two screws on.

Step 4: The finish

The last step is to buy a little basket. Therefor I went to a small decoration or flower shop. If you found the perfect basket, you just need to connect the upper screw with the washer.

Finished is our cute rabbit, now we  just need to decorate it. I for example put on a little bow and other little pieces.

I wish you a happy Easter and wonderful holidays!


AuthorHeini Schüür
Reading time4 minutes

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