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Christmas decoration out of pallet wood

The Advent season in full swing and every Sunday a little candle is burning more on the Advent wreath.

But what lights up the cozy home on the other days? For these days we are going to build a very elegant tea light holder made of pallet wood. Super easy with great effect to make it really homey in the dark season.

And here is what you need for that:

Material Tools
1x Pallet wood block Cordless screwdriver / standing drill
1x Pallet board Mitre saw / hand saw
Wood glue Grinding machine
2x 20 mm screws Clamps
Christmas decoration (small Christmas baubles) Hand plane
  40 mm Forstner drill
  Gas burner / lighter
  Countersink drill

Step 1: Cutting the pallet and removing the nails

In order to start, maybe some of you have to disassemble a pallet, as we need its small blocks for this project. In addition, all nails should be removed, so that we can easily drill holes in the wood later with our Forstner drill. With all nails removed, we can start sanding our block in the next step.

Step 2: Grinding, Marking and Drilling

The blocks are usually very rough after sawing. We eliminate this problem by using a grinder. During the grinding process we also round off the edges.

Next, we mark the center of the block with a ruler and a pencil. Because now we can drill the hole for our candle on this mark. We take our 40 mm Forstner drill and drill about 3 - 3,5 cm deep into the block.

Afterwards we smooth down the hole with some sandpaper.

Step 3: Building the foot

The tea light holder now gets a fancy foot! For that, we need the pallet board. We place the block about 5 mm away from one end of the board. From the other three edges of the board, the block should now be as well 5 mm away. We mark our measurements with a pencil and then saw off the piece of wood with a saw along our markings.

With a hand slicer we now bevel the edges and grind the foot with the grinding machine.

To make sure that the small board does not rupture when screwed on, we drill two holes in the middle with a 2-bit drill and rework them with the countersink drill.

Step 4: Assembly and singeing the block

We connect our two parts now with some wood glue and two small 2x 20mm screws.

I recommend here to use a small 3.6V cordless screwdriver or the classic screwdriver.

We now reach for our burner and singe the candlestick neatly. Afterwards we lightly go over all surfaces with a sandpaper and then we can start decorating our object individually with Advent decoration.

Step 5: Decorating

Now there are no limits to your imagination, whether with wool, package tape or silver asterisk ribbon, the tea light holder can be wrapped with anything the Christmas decoration box at home has to offer. One or two little beads or little stars give the candlestick its charm. And now the days between the Advent Sundays are also radiantly beautiful.

I wish you a nice holiday season.

Patrick Jung

AuthorPatrick Jung
Reading time6 minutes

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