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Step 1

We use the squared timber to construct a frame the desired size. In this case, the dimensions are 130x55x55 so that the additional cool box can fit in easily and there is also some storage space.

Materials Tools
Various squared timbers for the frame Cordless screwdriver
4 castors (sizes as required) Mitre saw
Grass turf Hand-held circular saws
8-10 old pallets Rotating sander
12mm base plate  

Step 2

A frame (as in image 1) is screwed together for

  • the base
  • the cover
  • and a total of 4 side walls

The base plate is a whole piece to which the pallet wood/pallet boards are screwed to the frame for the cover.

Struts are also added and screwed in for stabilisation.

Hinges are attached to the frame with screws to open the cover.

Step 3

Screwing the pallet wood side boards and depending on what you like, some parts and surfaces can be designed with a torch. 

Step 4

Now the front side is screwed and the palette boards are attached offset. 

It is useful to use clamps to make the work easier.

Step 5

Now we take the grass turf, attach it to the cover and cut it to the right size. This is attached with tacks. So now our cool box looks finished.

AuthorHelmut Gessendorfer
Reading time8 minutes

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