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Decorative tea light holder

The autumn has long since arrived and thus not only the temperatures are sinking, but also the days are getting much shorter. On such autumn evenings, this decorative lantern in pumpkin design brings the autumnal mood into your living room. That's how it is done:

Material Tools
Wood glue or suitable glue Band saw/ circular saw/ jigsaw/fretsaw
Plywood boards (dimensons according to template) Scroll saw
Wood colour Sandpaper
  Cordless drill
  Screw clamps

Step 1: The Template

First of all, we need a template. Here you can become creative and draw it yourself or alternatively search in the internet for motif of your liking. Due to the season, I have decided to use a pumpkin template, although an acorn or maple leaf would certainly also look very autumnal.

Step 2: The Cut

Once we have decided on the motif, the plywood boards are cut to size according to the template. For me, this results in four pieces with a width of 14.5 cm and a height of 17 cm. To get four exactly identical parts, I attached a stop with a screw clamp to the sliding table, which I had built in another project before. I then doubled the total to build two lanterns. Now four plates are glued together with adhesive tape, so that they can be cut in a pile cut.

We then apply our template to the wood stacks with removable spray adhesive. To be able to saw out the shape of the pumpkin from the wood, we now have to drill the starting holes for the scroll saw.

For the sawing itself, I have used the scroll saw, a fretsaw or jigsaw would be just as suitable, however.

Step 3: The Assembly

Once all the plates have been sanded to remove any sharp edges, the parts can be glued together. I decided to glue two sides from the outside. For the drying process I fixed the plates with clamps.

Step 4: The Finish

Once the glue is dry, we can give the lantern some colour. True to the original would be orange, of course, but I chose white, as the light would fit better in our apartment that way. Finally, we cut out the bottom with the help of the template of the wind light and glue it to the frame.


Now only a tea light is missing and there we have our self-made eerily beautiful Halloween lantern.

I hope I could inspire you a little bit again!

Your Einhell Harry

AuthorHarry Früchtl
Reading time8 minutes

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