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DIY jewellery holder: Turn old into new!

What spring cleaning has got to do with a DIY jewellery holder? When spring comes, the house is getting cleaned up and in the garden the first branches are getting cut. However, I didn't want to just throw away the branches: As I had often noticde that my girlfriend's jewellery has no designated storage place, I came up with the idea of converting the branches into a nice jewellery tree. In addition, you can use this project perfectly as a present for various occasions: be it Valentine's Day, your anniversary or a birthday! Why not gift a stylish and above all self-made jewellery holder instead of the hundredth necklace? :-)

That's how it works:

Material Tools
Branches with many small twigs Spatula
1x empty beverage carton (per branch) Bucket
Gypsum / concrete Lopper
Black and white chalk paint  
Coloured spray can  
Abrasive paper  

Step 1: The branches

Before you can start with your project, you need branches with many twigs, e.g. the especially decorative branches of the corkscrew hazel. If you don´t have own trees, then you´ll find some beautiful branches during a nice spring walk in the park or in the forest as well. But please protect the nature and don´t rip of healthy branches from the trees. There are enough on the ground. ;)

Now you should let the branches dry for a few days, otherwise the colour could flake off later.

After that you can cut the branches to the desired size, so that all the jewellery can be accommodated easily.

Step 2: The mold

Every day we throw empty milk or juice cartons in the trash, but we can use them now again for our project. They serve us as a mold. For this you mark the area on the carton, which should be filled with gypsum. Take your branch as an orientation, put it into the carton and see how far you want the branch to immerse later into the plaster. Then you cut the cardboard along this line and ready is the mold.

But you have to make sure that you use a new carton for every branch, because we cut it later in the process.

Step 3: Filling the mold

Now you want to fill the mold with gypsum / concrete. To estimate how much water you need, just fill your beverage carton 2/3 up with water.

After this is done, you pour the water into an empty bucket and stir your gypsum / concrete after recipe.

Tip: Make the mixture slightly more fluidly to reduce air bubbles later.

Now you fill up your form about 3/4 with your mass and then take a screwdriver and knock on all four sides of your mold a few times, from bottom to top. This will dissolve air pockets and reduce blistering.

Now put your twig in the carton and stabilize it so that it won´t move. Tap again from bottom to top along your mold to eliminate even the last bubbles. Now let the construction dry quite a time. (This may take a few days.)

Step 4: Colouring the construction

After the drying time, the cardboard can be sliced up. With a sandpaper you can now sand the edges, so that the imprint of the cardboard isn´t so strong to see anymore.

Then you can start with the colour design. Hereby, there are no limits to your imagination. For example, you can colour the edges of the foot with black chalk paint. When the colour dried, paint it again, this time with white colour.

Afterwards you sand the edges with a very fine abrasive paper again or use a cloth to slightly blur the colour. The black paint will only flash out softly. With this method the jewellery holder gets a stylish vintage look.

Finally, we give the branch a colorful paint. In order not to ruin the vintage design, it is advisable to cover up the molding with newspaper in advance. Then you can paint your branch in the desired colour with a spray can.

Now we just leave the twigs to dry again and we are done with our individual and decorative DIY jewellery holder for lots of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

AuthorPatrick Jung
Reading time8 minutes

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