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Elegant fir-tree made of wood discs

Bye-bye gaudy plastic decoration and hello elegant nature decoration! Give the festival of love a noble and tasteful touch with this stylish illuminated Christmas tree made of wood discs. The best part about it: you can easily build it yourself and can also give it as a present. Here's how it works: 

Material Tools
Birch tree branches Sliding mitre saw
Background plate Jigsaw
Battery-powered chain of lights with 80 LED´s Cordless screwdriver
Decoration Glue
Timber Drill and deburrer
Multiplex plate Dowels and dowelsetter
Piano-type hinge Hot glue gun
  Multifunctional tool
  Measuring equipment (folding rule,...)

Step 1: The planning

First, you should get yourself some birch tree branches with different diameters. In my case, the logs have a diameter of 60 mm to 100 mm. For the background plate, you can choose any material you have. I opted for a 600 * 520 * 15mm MDF board. Now you think about how your tree should look like. To do this you take the background plate and draw what will later be the horizontal center. Then draw a triangle on it so you can see what your eventual tree will look like. For the pillar you take a squared timber 40 * 40 * 550 mm and a multiplex board 200 * 550 * 15mm.

Step 2: Cutting the wood discs and the stand plate

The tree trunks are then cut into slices with the sliding mitre saw. I cut them 30mm to 40mm thick. For the trunk of the Christmas tree, one of the slices has to be cut flat.

In order for the tree to stand stably, the tree will get a pillar. For this pillar you now cut the multiplex plate. The sloping surface (bottom right in the picture) is the footprint of the mainstay. You define with this bevel the angle, in which the tree will later be standing. You can decide that according to your own preferences.

Step 3: Preparing of the wooden discs

Next, we apply a layer of glue on the cut tree slices and let them dry overnight. This should prevent or reduce the tearing of the wood.

Now you put the background plate in front of you and arrange the tree discs on your drawn triangle to define the shape of your eventual tree. Start with the outer edges of the triangle and then fill the center with the wood discs. The arrangement of tree discs can be done freely.

If you like the order of the tree discs, you can start gluing.

Step 4: Preparing the background plate

After letting the glue harden, you then drill holes in the spaces between the wood discs. Take care that the LEDs of the chain of lights fit in these holes.

When you have finished drilling the holes, pick up your jigsaw and saw away the protruding material of the outer edges of the background plate.

Once done, you sand the edges with your multifunctional tool (or alternatively a multi-sander).

Step 5: The chain of lights

Once you have sanded the edges, turn your tree around so you have the back in front of you. Now you can pick up your LED light chain and place it in such a way that you have filled both, the gaps between the discs at the sides, as well as each hole, with an LED light. When you´re done with that, you can glue the LEDs with a hot glue gun in the holes.

Step 6: The pillar

Once completed all the steps successfully, we will now build the pillar of our tree. For that we need a square timber 40 * 40 * 550mm and a multiplex plate 200 * 550 * 15mm. At first we cut cavities in the wood. You have to pay attention while cutting the square timber, that later the fairy lights fit in the cavities in the timber.

Then the square timber is mounted along the center of the background plate using dowels. Be careful not to damage any cables while doing that!

Next we cut the multiplex plate after the sketch above. Using the piano hinge, you now attach the multiplex plate to the squared timber.

Step 7: The decoration

Finally, you can decorate the tree as you like it and then your fir tree is finished!

Have fun building it and merry Christmas!

AuthorFrank Halbe and Janine Seibold
Reading time8 minutes

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