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Last-minute gift idea

Simply made with love - the fast DIY-idea for special messages

Are you looking for a special gift for little money? How about a self-made present, with materials you have even at hand? Then we have just the right thing for you!

Whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, or a birthday, with this unique DIY heart you'll definitely stick out and give your loved one a special treat, to show them how thankful you are for them. 

Material Tools
An old cutting board plastic hammer (best for upholstery nails)
upholstery nails sanding paper/multifunctional tool
thick red thread pliers

Firstly you need to pimp up the wood board, by grinding it properly. If you don't have the right sized board, you can use any wood available. Depending on the thickness of the wooden board you then cut the wood with either a jigsaw or a circular saw.

With the help of my multifunctional tool I am finished in no time. 

For a perfect radius of the heart arcs, you can use something round as a template, for example a glass like I did.

Now to make sure, that the positions of the nails can be found later, you mark about every 2 cm, small holes into the wood with the tip of a nail. 

The unsightly pencil marks are best removed with a sanding tool, otherwise you can also use an eraser!

Now the nails are hammered into the wooden board. Here I recommend you to use a plastic hammer to prevent the upholstery nails of being damaged. A pair of needle nosed pliers makes it easier to attach and hold the nails.

This may already be a statisfactored result - but I am not finished here. 

Now we start with the creative wrapping technique. Begin by knotting one end of the twine to an upholstery nail. 

Now wrap the twine evenly in a zigzagging motions from right to left and top to bottom around the upholstery nails in it's place.

Here it's important, to not forget the outer edges, so the heart gets a closed off shape at the end.

Once you like the result, just knot the last piece on a nail and cut off the rest.

To give the heart a special personal touch, you can of course also put a photo or a card between the strings of the heart.

Simple and fast - and with great effect. Now you definitely have a very personal and effective message for your loved ones, big or small.

So just do it yourself!

AuthorNicole Polkehn
Reading time4 minutes

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