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Self-made Christmas decoration

The pre-Christmas time is the most beautiful time of the year.

Baking cookies, buying presents for your loved ones, strolling with friends over the Christmas market and, of course, decorating your home for Christmas, are simply pre-Christmas rituals.

A great idea to give your apartment a Christmas spirit touch, cheap and simple self-made, you can find here:

Material Tools
Plywood panel Band saw / table saw / jigsaw
Christmas tree ball Scroll saw
  Abrasive paper
  Drilling machine / drill

Step 1: Selecting template and preparing plywood panels

First, we need a Christmas template for our project. For this I simply googled "Christmas decorations" and chose an appealing sketch. Alternatively, of course, you can draw the template by yourself.

Then we roughly cut the plywood boards.

Step 2: Fixing the template

In order to temporarily fix the template on the wooden plate, we use removable spray glue.

We now glue 4 plates together to be able to cut in a time-efficient manner in a stacked cut.

Step 3: Sawing out the template

When everything is well fixed, we can drill holes into the plates near the template line with a cordless drill. Then we cut out the Christmas trees and the bottom plate with the scroll saw.

Step 4: The finish

The cut slabs can be now, for an individually long time, sanded. You can moreover paint the decoration colourful if you want.

A Christmas tree ball gives the finishing touch to the whole project and our tasteful Christmas decoration is finished. 

I hope I could inspire you a little bit again.

Your Einhell Harry

AuthorHarry Früchtl
Reading time6 minutes

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