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Stylish winter tree disc decoration

Just in time for Christmas, many homes are beautifully decorated in winter. But often the traditional decoration of recent years is used. But why not create something new, something original? How about, for example, with a rustic, illuminated tree disc in winter design? How to build the different kind of Christmas decoration yourself, you will find out here:

Material Tools
A tree disc (halfway round) at least 25cm in diameter Cordless jigsaw / band saw
Plexiglas 15 x 12 cm x 3mm Grinding- and engraving tool
Wire chain of lights with battery White marker
Plywood 18 x 15 cm Circles
Cable tie Folding rule
Matte black varnish Linseed oil
Approximate costs 25€ Screws
  Drill (2 and 3mm)
  Belt sander
  Cordless rotating sander
  Cordless drill

Step 1: The tree disc

First, you need a tree slice. In my case, I took a cherry tree slice because cherry wood is a hard wood. You can buy such discs very cheap on EBay, but take care, that the wooden disc is dry. If the disc is cracked, that's not bad.

First of all, grind the tree disc with a belt sander (60 grit) reasonably smooth. After rough grinding, the wooden disc is reground on both sides with a 120 grit until the surface is smooth.

When the grinding is done, the area for the Plexiglas pane can be marked. For this, you take a compass and draw four circles. Here it is important to pay attention to the crack pattern in the tree disc.

First, the two inner circles are marked on the wooden disc. However, these do not have to be completely marked.

The measurements are of course based on the underlying tree disc. In my case, the inner circles have a radius of 49mm. The two centers are 57 mm apart. This results in an oval inner core with a diameter of 155 mm.

Next we draw the outer circles, with have each a radius of 64 mm. The midpoints remain the same. The semicircles are then connected with a pen.

When that's done, you can saw out the inner oval with a jigsaw or band saw. Here you should handle the band saw very carefully.

When the core has been removed, the router cuts a 15 mm wide and 18 mm deep groove on the inside. It should be milled very carefully, I recommend always mill only a few millimeters and then stop and start again. Then the front side is sanded smooth with the cordless rotating sander (up to 240 grit).

The tree disc is now prepared and therefore we are now dedicating ourselves to the Plexiglas disc.

Step 2: The Plexiglas disc

The Plexiglas is now being prepared for inserting in the wood disc. In my case, I put the disc on the front side of the tree and draw out an outline with my pen. This outline is extended by 10 mm, so that you can stick the disc later without problems at the edge, and then the Plexiglas disc is sawn at the recorded markings with a band or jigsaw.

The template is then placed under the glass and transferred to the Plexiglas with a white marker.

A white marker can be edited better when engraving, with dark pens remain in the engraving usually still colour residues that cannot be removed later.

Why do you draw before engraving? If you put the subject under the glass and immediately start engraving, subjective errors will result, which will then make the picture distorted at the end.

Step 3: The lighting

Now you can insert the Plexiglas in the tree disc and prepare the chain of lights for installation. I took the outer dimensions of the Plexiglas disc and screwed a few screws into a wooden plate and then I wrapped the chain around them. To keep the wire in shape, you can use cable ties for fixing.

Now we put the Plexiglas disc in the tree disc and fix it with hot glue.

Once the hot glue has cooled down, the ring with the light wire can be inserted into the wooden disc and also be fixed with hot glue.

I made the cover out of the plywood, so that the lighting is very effectively presented. Now the plywood is painted from one side with matte black paint. When the paint is dried, the plywood is screwed together with the black side inside at the back with the battery holder. Now you can paint the wooden disc with linseed oil or other care products to impart the decoration a stronger colour tone.

Since the dimensions of your tree discs are not necessarily similar with my disc, I recommend to determine the dimensions individual. It should be remembered, however, that the Plexiglas disc has enough contact surface on the wooden disc, so that the chain of lights is not in the visible part of the disc - recommendation 15mm.

Alternatively, you can also use an LED strip, I would as well calculate with 15 mm.

I wish you a lot of fun with this project

Ingo Düde

AuthorIngo Düde
Reading time8 minutes

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