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The magnetic knife block

Still haven´t found the right Christmas present for the cooking enthusiasts among your friends and family? We have an idea for you. How about a noble knife block including a soft insert? This present for hobby chefs is easy to build and, if it´s done right, a great eye-catcher.

Material Tools
One wood panel, ca. 25 x 25 cm, e.g. walnut Jigsaw / band saw
Plexiglas, 4 – 6 mm, white Spindle moulder / router
Magnets, one for each knife Cordless screwdriver
Universal countersunk screws 3,5 x 25 Belt-disc sander / delta sander
  Forstner bit for the magnets

Step 1: The base plate

First, we determine the size of the knife block by placing the knives on the wood panel so that there is a distance of about 1 cm between each knife.

Then we cut the base plate in form with a band or jigsaw. I decided for a round form. But there are no limits to your imagination. When the shape is cut out, you need to mill grooves into the plate which have to be 3 mm deep and as wide as the blades are high. Simply mark the sizes on the wood before. At the tip of the knife, use a Forstner or wood drill to make indentations in the plate so that the magnets can be inserted and fastened deep enough.

Step 2: The cover

Next I took a 5 mm plexiglas piece for the cover, which was an offcut I still had left in my workshop. You can also cover the base plate with another wood plate if you want. Plexiglas can be perfectly cut with a band saw or alternatively with a jigsaw. Then screw both parts together, the base plate and the cover. I fixed the parts with tape, pre-drilled holes and lowered the screw holes in the plexiglas with a countersink. Afterwards I sanded and rounded everything off nicely with a belt-disc sander.

Step 3: The foot

For the foot of the knife block I took a piece of maple. But a large piece of pinewood would also be great for this. I sawed a 2 cm deep groove with the table saw and just as wide as the knife holder is thick. Then I sawed off the two long sides in a 35-degree angle. Then we grind everything – but take your time, the smoother, the better it´ll look later.

Now screw both parts together. I rubbed the wood with antique wax. This brings off the grain and the colour of the wood very nicely.

Done that, the knife block with soft insert is ready. When you now put a knife in the shaft, it will be pulled in by itself. Assuming you have put the magnets back as far as possible.

I wish you a lot of fun while building it and bringing joy to the presentee.

Lutz Steiner

AuthorLutz Steiner
Reading time8 minutes

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