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Upcycling: Turn old into new

Upcycling is not just a creative and cost-saving exercise but it is also good for the environment as it smartly reuses what is supposedly "waste". With the right Einhell tool any upcycling project becomes an enjoyable activity.

Until a few years back, decorating one's apartment meant buying things and arranging them.

The only sources of inspiration were interior decoration magazines and upmarket home design shops For some time now, we are seeing in the internet a steadily increasing trend of "Do It Yourself". Thanks particularly to Pinterest & Co, social networks that allow sharing of pictures, it has become easier than ever before, to share and show one's creative endeavours to a large audience.

Pinterest meanwhile continues to be a great source for creative upcycling ideas for many DIYers. Whether it is for making a piece of furniture, or a small styling element or decorating the window seat, you can find ideas for everything on Pinterest.

We will show you three examples here that prove that modern interior design need not always be expensive. A little creativity and skill with your hands can turn simple daily objects to real design objects.

An old chair turns into a kitchen shelf

Looking at an old wooden chair from the seventies, few people would think of keeping it and not trashing it or much less, actually use it as a kitchen shelf. But if you look at the picture of a completely revamped chair, you will wonder why the idea never struck you.

It seems so simple! Take an old kitchen chair and a saw. Shorten the legs of the chair and halve the seat with a circular hand saw. Then take the sawn off chair and using a cordless drill fasten it upside down onto the wall. A new kitchen shelf is ready!  Decorate it with a few items from the kitchen and you not only have a visually pleasing effect, but also something which is incredibly practical.

A writing desk born of old fruit crates

A writing desk need not always come from a furniture store. As one of the examples in Pinterest shows, you can do it with a pair of old fruit crates, two planks and a handful of screws. Within a few minutes the personal writing desk is completely built and ready to use.

The fruit crates fastened to each other replace conventional table legs and offer a lot of storage space for books, the computer or the printer. Instead of a boring veneer coated particle board, we use two to three planks that are screwed to each other. For less than 100 euro, you have a custom-built writing desk that in comparison to a mass-produced table looks so much more impressive.

Hangers for clothes, hand towels or keys from old cutlery

Have you ever thought of using your old cutlery in any other way? How would it be if they could be used as a hand towel holder in the kitchen or as a holder for keys or coats in the hallway? What at first may sound strange, in reality looks really posh when put in the right setting.

The basic principle for all these ideas is the same. A spoon or a fork is bent in the good old illusionist Uri Geller style and fastened or stuck to a board. You can of course screw the hooks directly onto the wall. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

Following upcycling ideas

If you wish, you can spend endless hours following interesting pins on Pinterest or even share some of your own. The possibilities to get inspired and benefit from others creativity is virtually unlimited. Search keywords like "spice rack" or "table decor" alone throw up hundreds or even thousands of creative suggestions that leave you spellbound or inspire you to make them yourselves.

AuthorHauke Leweling
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