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Valentine heart made of wooden discs

In a few weeks it´s the 14th of February, also known as Valentine's Day. If you don´t have a gift idea yet for your loved one, I have a great idea here for you! Build a beautiful heart out of wooden discs with a low cost of materials.

And here´s how it works: 

Material Tools
Plywood panel pine 6mm - measurements 600x1000mm Jigsaw
Wood glue Mitre saw
Aquaclou wood stain walnut  
Coir yarn / tree binder  
Glaze paintbrush  
Brass screw hook 2,6 x 30mm  
Wood branches, dry & straight, 15-40mm thickness  

Step 1: Sawing out and varnishing the heart

First, we take the plywood plate and draw up a beautiful heart.

Then we cut it out with a jigsaw.

When we are happy with our heart, we apply stain with a brush on the wooden board.

Step 2: Sawing the branch discs

The next step is to cut our straight branches into small wooden discs with a mitre saw. The wooden discs should have different diameters. I used for the wooden discs, which will later form the letter, a diameter of about 15 mm and for the filling of the wood plate, discs with a diameter of about 40 mm.

Step 3: Mounting the discs on the heart

Now we draw the letter of your loved one on our heart and lay out this line with our little discs.

Next, we glue the discs of the letter with wood glue or with a hot glue gun on the wood panel.

Step 4: The Finish

The discs of the letter are now stained dark or painted in a desired colour, so that the letter gets visually separated from the rest of the filling.

Then we attach the hooks to the heart, so that we can later hang up our heart with a coir yarn.

Now we glue the remaining, wider tree discs together on our heart and let it dry.

And finished is your individual, timeless proof of love for your partner.

AuthorTobias Guttenberg
Reading time6 minutes

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