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Valentine's Day Project: Infinite Love

This time we build something very special for our loved ones. Whether for Valentine's Day, for wedding day or just to show your love. This gift will make her or his heart beat faster.

Material Tools
Poplar plywood approx. Din A4 large Cordless drill
Residual wood for base plate - dimensions freely selectable Scroll saw
Residual wood for the vase approx. 2x2x8 cm 15 Forstner bit
Letter template Delta sander
Permanent marker  
Spray glue or glue stick  
Costs approx. 10 €  

Step 1: The infinity loop

At the beginning we print out the template which you can see here:

Now we need the plywood panel, on which we will fasten the stencil. But first, we bond the plate with masking tape, so that the wood doesn´t fray when cutting it.

Then we spray / coat the crepe tape with glue and then stick the template on it. Later we can peel off the stencil much better and we don´t have to grind the plate very long, because no glue residues have to be removed additionally.

Now we can start sawing out the template. To do this, we first drill holes in the inner surfaces, which we intend to cut out. These serve us as starting points for the scroll saw, with which we can now cut out these areas.

After we sawed out our infinity loop, we remove the masking tape and, if necessary, grind the curves.

Step 2: The base plate

Now we take a piece of residual wood for the future base plate and cut it appropriately. In my case, the plate has a size of 30x10 cm, but this may vary, depending on how big your stencil is.

Step 3: The vase

Now we cut another piece of wood, which should become a small vase. In this block of wood we drill a hole in the middle with a 15 Forstner bit. Again, the size of the hole can be chosen larger or smaller, the selected artificial flower should just fit well. When the hole is drilled, we now grind the edges.

Step 4: The finish

During the last step, we assemble all the individual parts together. You can either glue the parts together or fix them with nails. I chose the second method.

Mark in advance the points on your infinity loop, where you want to fix it later and transfer these points, with the right distance, to your base plate. Now take two nails and pinch off each head before slamming it into the marked points in your base plate. With a 3 mm drill you can now drill two holes in your loop. Later, the two pieces can be put together. The same goes for the vase.

Last but not least we give our infinity heart a personal lettering. I ordered a letter template from the internet and traced the desired letters with a permanent marker.

And finished is our proof of infinite love.

Have fun by building and giving it away.

AuthorHeini Schüür
Reading time6 minutes

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