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7 Tips for the Perfect Campfire

What could be better than sitting at a cozy campfire with friends or loved ones on balmy summer evenings? Whether you just want to end your day relaxing, or armed with the guitar belting camp fire songs, the crackle of the campfire provides the ideal backdrop.

However, there are legal as well as security-related aspects that you should keep in mind at every campfire. Here is an overview for you:

Avoid trouble: Where you can light a campfire

So, if you want to party around a campfire in the garden without any problems, you should first find out what rules to follow in your community regarding a campfire. It could also be that you even have to pay the local government office a visit, to find out everything that's important to know. However, especially in small communities and villages, it is often the case that the local fire brigade can give you the specific information about when you are allowed to make a campfire and what you should consider in order to not be punishably. In many places there are special days when you can get permission for a campfire. This may be the case, for example, when you are allowed to light up the Easter fires, a fire at Walpurgis Night, or even in autumn, because then it is often permissible to burn certain garden waste, such as branch cut, shrubs, leaves, and others.

After you have clarified when and under what conditions you are allowed to make a campfire in the garden, the next consideration you need to take comes up. You need the right wood for the campfire, the right supplies to light the fire of a fireplace or a fire basket.

The right wood for the perfect campfire

The type of wood for a campfire is usually not prescribed, but the condition of the wood you can use for a campfire is not. Wood residues from furniture, pallets and such, are basically not suitable for burning and also not allowed. It must be natural wood which should be dry and well drained, otherwise it will smolder and with that matter smell unpleasant. Even that is not allowed, because the smoke bothers your environment.

Collecting and cutting firewood: That's allowed

It is not allowed everywhere to simply collect wood in the surrounding forests. Maybe you need a wood collection certificate for this. About this matter both your community or the forester can give you information about. You may need to buy the wood for your campfire from a specialist dealer. It is usually offered as firewood.

Alternatively you can also cut your own firewood. Again, there are many things to keep in mind. From the right chainsaw over the right technique upt ot the right way of storaging, you'll find out everything you need to know in our firewood blog post.

Steer clear of alcohol: Make fire starters savely at home

Build your own fire starters

 To light your fire, you must under no circumstances take gasoline or the like. Please use either ready-bought primer cubes or crumpled newsprint and small dry twigs. Both works perfectly. Alternatively, with the instructions in the video above, you can easily make your own safe and effective fire starters yourself. 

Tip for the impatient: Instead of a hair dryer to heat up, you can also use a cordless workshop blower to make the fire burn faster. The advantage: you do not need an extension cable!

Find a safe fireplace: That's the right way

When you dig the fireplace out, make sure it is clear and that there are no flammable objects such as buildings, screening walls, trees and shrubs in the immediate vicinity. It's best to put this fire pit in the middle of a lawn or lawn. You should also not dig the hearth too deep, but rather flat. After that you should also think of bordering the campfire with some stones for safety. Of course you can also use a fire bowl for your campfire. This should also be free standing and at best on a suitable surface, such as stones and the like. You can buy such a fire bowl in different versions. If you feel like it, you can also build one yourself. Often, the drum of a disused washing machine is taken. Even a wok is suitable as a fire bowl, if your don't need a big campfire. Also a nice metal lid is suitable as a shell for your fire basket. You can either place this bowl on stones or put feet on it, if you can handle a welder. For these feet you buy the best alu pipe. You can either weld them firmly together or mount them with threaded rods and hexagon screws in the shell.

A last safety note

One thing is subsequently important for your successful campfire in the garden: You shouldn't leave the fire alone at the end of your celebration. It has to be watched until it is completely burned out so that nothing can happen. After that, you can use water or sand to put out the remnants of embers. Of course you could also use an ash vac, to get rid of the cooled down ember remnants.

If you adhere all these tips listed, nothing stands in the way of a romantic campfire.

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