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DIY Terrace with roof

Having an own terrace with a roof is probably the dream of every house owner. It is not only possible to organize barbecues there, but also to end the workday comfortably. A cheap alternative to the professional is to build it yourself and instead of expensive materials, we recycle old pallets. With this manual and some crafty skills, you can build a terrace from pallets on your own.


Material Tools
Palettes Impact screwdriver
Planting stones Circular saw
Rafters Rotating sander
Film Jigsaw
Post anchors  
OSB boards  
fine chipping  

First you have to dig out the footings with the size 30x30x80 each. Here you should work cleanly so that the plant rings finish off with the pallets neatly. Plant rings are then filled with concrete and act therefore as screw points for the post anchors. Next, you can then put the post anchors into place and screw them down immediately. For an ideal positioning, place the roof beams on the post anchors and screw them down. I do this by using my cordless impact wrench TE-CI 18 Li BL.

Then you cut the posts and supports for the posts. For this, I take my cordless circular saw TE-CS 18 Li. After that you can screw the first bar on, which I attached again with my cordless impact wrench. Then you can hang up the rafters and screw them on. My son 16 years, was here a very big support to me.

Now it had to go fast, the storm clouds came and the film wasn't on the roof yet! I screwed the OSB-boards on and cut off the protruding edge with a cordless circular saw. Thank God, the film and the boards didn't get blown away by the wind.

Next, you can prepare the sight protections, which get attached between the rafters later on. The border of the terrace (made of pallets), you can now screw onto the sides. For these steps I used my cordless jigsaw, circular saw and impact wrench. Before you can start aligning the pallets on the floor, you should spread fine chippings on the ground. 

Then saw off all the prosecuting edges of the pallets and finish the ground with the orbit grinder 60 - 240 off. After that you just need to screw the last struts on.

Now we are finished with our summer-project!

AuthorHelmut Gessendorfer
Reading time5 minutes

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