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Build your own cat house

Cats sleep about twice as much as we humans do. Cat lovers, who therefore want their pets to feel especially comfortable, can provide them with a self-built cat house as a cozy sleeping spot. In this blog post you will receive detailed instructions for an original shelter with scratching post and viewing platform for your tabby. In my case, the cat house was a present for Flo, my colleague's cat. That's how it's done:

Step 1 - Saw out the entrance hole

I got the panels cut to length (which of course is free) in my favourite hardware store so that I could transport them in the car more easily.

And then I could refine the details in my basement.

I printed a corresponding template with a laser printer, fixed it to the board with a glue stick and packaging tape (from my home-made XXL dispenser) and drilled a hole for the jig saw. I could then put the jig saw to work.

Then I rounded the edges with the small one-hand router and smoothed the whole thing with my little grinding mouse. When working with the jig saw, the router and even the little grinder, I pay attention to personal safety at work.

Step 2 - Side walls, floor and back wall

After the front board with the entrance hole, I moved on to the two wooden side panels and the rear wall.

Marking the holes for the recessed grips for better transport. And so that it's nice to look at, a side panel and the rear wall were given a jaunty look.

Step 3 - Create the support for the cover

I sawed the bars centrally on the table saw, cut them to the right length, with a 45-degree mitre cut. Then I was able to make the holes with a countersink bit, added some wood glue and then screwed it with screws inside the box.

Step 4 - A cover, scratching post and viewing platform finish the whole thing off

I measured the dimensions of the cover with two folding rules. I sawed two sides of the cover at right angles to the box and sawed two sides again, then cut the edges again with the small one-hand router and a rounding cutter and worked them with the small grinding mouse.

My colleague gave me a pillow from Flo, so I could determine the size of the base. The cut it on the table saw and the sections of the side parts served as a lateral delimitation here. I provided the two corners with a 45 degree cut and quite to my surprise, the whole thing fit together right away.

Now I can assemble the whole thing, finish it with a final touch and carry it up to the third floor for the presentation. Phew... that was hard work.

Step 5 - Presentation

Now I have carried the cat house to the third floor. I photographed it in the living room and my cat Otto has tried and tested the whole thing.

Then I took the cat house for my colleague's tomcat Flo(rian) and he has made himself at home right away and thanked me very much for the great house.

AuthorSteffen Kutter
Reading time10 minutes

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