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DIY: Bottle Opener

Cool drinks at night? Whether in the garden, on the terrace or in the local bar, with this homemade DIY bottle opener you can easily open bottles. At the same time, the practical container ensures the collection of the falling bottle caps.

Material Tools
Spruce wooden board 1000mm x 200mm x 20mm Clamps
Glue Circular Saw
Bottel opener Screwdriver
Wood glaze (different colours) Drill 4mm
Wooden screws Rotating Sander
  Folding ruler/Angle ruler/Pen

Step 1: Cut to Size

Cutting wood with a circular saw
Taking measurements with ruler before cutting

First draw a mark at 115mm on both narrow sides of the wooden board (200mm) and then connect them with a ruler to a straight line.

Cutting the wood to size with a circular saw
Cutting the wood to size with a circular saw

For a clean, straight cut, you take the circular saw and a guide rail which could be universally used by various manufacturers. Here you should make sure that the wooden board is always firmly clamped when cutting. In addition, it is important to wear appropriate safety clothing. Afterwards you cut the long side of the piece to 300mm.

Cutting the pieces with a Einhell mitre saw
Cutting the side pieces with a Einhell mitre saw

Now you take the other half to hand. From this you cut out 2 sides (80mm), as well as a front part (115mm).

Depending on your preference, you can cut the parts by mitre. For this I set my mitre saw to an angle of 45 degrees.

Measuring the bottom part of the bottle opener projectMeasuring the bottom part of the bottle opener project
Marking the floor of the bottle opener

To check the dimensions, I set everything up. So that the floor is also perfectly fitting, I position everything again on the remaining wood and mark the floor.

Cutting the bottom part with a mitre saw

The front of the piece gets also mitred.

Step 2: Sand and Glaze

Glueing all the parts together
Glazing the wood pieces with white colour

For a smooth surface, you sand off the individual parts with the rotating sander, whereby I used a grain size of 120 here. Afterwards you glaze the wood with any colour. When applying, however, you do not have to pay attention to a high opacity, as this step is carried out again at the end of the project. In addition, there should be no paint on the edges to be glued.

Step 3: The Assembly

Preparing the pieces with masking tape for glueing

You connect the mitred pieces with masking tape. Afterwards you put glue onto the spaces and fold up the side panels. Then you take the bottom part, as well as the back and glue these together. When gluing you should make sure that enough pressure on the appropriate places is given.

Step 4: The Finish

Painting the bottle opener with a new layer

After the assembly, roughnesses are corrected with the rotating sander. Finally, another glaze follows with a proper drying time.

Step 5: The Drilling

Drilling two holes into the back piece with a Einhell screw driver

So that the bottle opener can later be attached to the wall, you take a 4mm drill and produce 2 holes in the middle. The upper hole will later be covered by the opener.

Attaching the bottle opener to the wall
Two bottle openers hanging on a wooden wall

For attaching, use 5 x 40mm wood screws and fasten the bottle opener stations to the wall. If it is a stone wall, you must pre-drill a hole with a stone drill and attach a dowel in it.

A bottle opener out of metal
Attaching a metal bottle opener

Now you secure the bottle opener with 6 x 15 mm wood screws in the middle of the station, whereby the upper screw is covered.

Opening a beer bottle with a bottle opener station

The bottle opening can begin!

Have fun recreating the project and good thirst.

Best regards Tobis Lichtdesign

AuthorTobias Peters
Reading time8 minutes

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