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Building a football goal wall

It’s the 2018 World Cup and we want to be there, at least feel like it while being at home. That's why we are building a goal wall, for when the games aren’t on.  In addition, we are building the wall so that you can dismantle this again without further ado and store it in the garage to save space.

Material Tools
1 x board: 1800 x 1400 mm Chop saw or bench saw
2 x (250 x 48 x 8 mm) for bar 1 jig saw
2 x (1000 x 48 x 28 mm) for bar 2 multi-sanders
2 x (881 x 48 x 28 mm) for bar 3  
4 screws with wing nut  
countersunk bolts  

Step 1

In the hardware store, get the board that is intended to be used as goal wall that will be cut to the desired dimensions. Please ensure that the panel is weather-resistant. You can get advice from the hardware store (I would recommend OSB panels as they are sturdy and affordable). Now draw the circles (holes): You can take the measurements from the following plan:

From the top left, place a mark 40 cm to the right and another 40 cm straight downwards from the same corner. We connect this now so that it looks like this: Image 1
Do the same for the second circle: This time, the starting point is the bottom right corner.

Step 2

Take a small bar and drill a 3mm hole. From this hole, mark 25 cm and drill another hole. Now we have our circle. Insert a small nail into the first hole and nail (for fixing) the bar to our board, where the center points of our circles are (shown in Image 1). Put a pencil in the second hold to draw a circle.

Drill a hole in the marked circle so that the jigsaw can be used; saw out the circle.

Step 3

Check all measurements and saw everything now. You will find the required wood below: Material structure (for those who don't have much experience so far, I have numbered it in the plan). Take bar 2 and mark approx. 30 cm. Drill 2 holes and screw screw it together with bar 1. Once they are screwed together, take bar 3 and saw both ends at 45 degrees. Screw them now diagonally to bars 1 and 2. Make sure that everything is at an angle.

If you do everything exactly as shown, it should look like this now (Image 4).

Step 4

Combine the frame with the board:
Place the board on the frame. Align the board so that the frame has the same overhang on both sides.
The bars are 30 cm above the board so the goal wall cannot tip over when a ball bounces against it. Now drill the holes where the screws go.
Fasten both together with screws and wing nuts:

Step 5

After assembly, the goal wall can be painted. The color red has been opted for here. Paint the surface red using a roller: When everything is dry, glue the edges and the circles and paint this area white. So that the color does not crack, the tape should be removed immediately after painting. Then allow everything to dry well.

As an Einhell fan - I have also decided to paint the "Einhell" logo in the middle. Every individual has artistic freedom with regard to color and design of course. Now we have built a beautiful goal wall without much effort.

Have fun while building and goal wall shooting!

AuthorHeini Schüür
Reading time10 minutes

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