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Raised Garden Bed - Goal Post

The World Cup 2018 is running and what better than a raised garden bed and drinks holder rolled into one. It can be used by everyone and the whole family will get something out of it. The football fans during the World Cup, the child the whole year and the gardening fan after the World Cup. Wondering how it works? The raised garden bed is built in such a way that it can be used as a drinks holder, as a goal post and a garden bed. 
We shall build today such a raised garden bed and we assure you that it will turn heads. Let's start!

Material Tools
Crate: wooden boards - dimensions as per size of mortar bucket Table Saw
Legs: scantlings 4 pieces Sliding Mitre Saw
Frame: wooden strips – dimensions as per mortar bucket Multiple Sander
Bucket Angle Grinder
Net Cordless Drill

Step 1

We have got a mortar bucket from the hardware store. It is cheap. We first cut off the upper rim using the table saw, so that the bucket is not too deep. 

We now measure the mortar bucket: Length, breadth, height (no dimensions are given here, as mortar buckets come in different sizes). If you have measured the bucket, you can buy the boards as per the dimensions, or you can cut them to size yourself. I decided on boards that I stuck together myself, because everything in my place is a bit rustic. One can also use screen printing frames, multiplex or other boards. They must just be weatherproof.                                                                                                                     

Step 2

We lay the panels or boards around the mortar bucket, pre-drill them and fasten these using the cordless drill. See Figure 1 and Figure 2. Once we have fastened the boards, there is one more transverse board that comes below. This ensures that the mortar bucket does not fall through and that it is more stable. We measure the inner edge and saw the transverse board. Pre-drill it and fasten it. It will now look like as it is shown in Figure 3.

Step 3

For the feet of my raised garden bed, I took boards that were 12 cm wide and 4 cm thick. I cut the boards laterally, so that I have one board of 8 cm width and another of 4 cm width.

The height of the feet is a matter of individual choice. I chose a height of 92 cm.We take the 4 cm board and lay it on the 8 cm board. These are also predrilled and both fastened together. See Figure 1.

We will now join the feet with the crate. We fasten the feet tightly, so that the slender board always shows from the shorter side of the crate. We now have an optically identical figure. See Figure 2.We now measure the boards for the upper frame. We measure out the length of the sides, saw these with the Einhell Mitre saw at a bevel and fasten them from above. See Figure 3.

Step 4

For the net, we used our garden leaf netting from the trailer (we didn't have any other). They need not be cut so that they can be used again without any problem. Fasten some bolts in the legs, so that the net can be hung from there. See Figure 1.

Our crate is now ready and we can design it creatively. It is best to paint the raised garden bed with weatherproof varnish. I indulged myself a bit, and fastened an extra board in the front to inscribe: "World Cup 2018 Drinks Raised Bed", see Figure 2.

Of course there is no need to rein in your imagination: Once the World Cup is over, we can use it as a normal raised garden vegetable bed. For that, we must drill holes below the crates so that water can flow through.. Have fun! 

AuthorHeini Schüür
Reading time10 minutes

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