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Shorten Pleated Shades

Sun protection made to measure! Getting a matching pleated blind for your own window is not always as easy as you think. With this guide, you can easily and inexpensively adjust your pleats perfectly to your window.

Grinding and Engraving Tool/Bucksaw

When can a pleated shade be shortened?

There are certain pleated shades that can be shortened, these are marked on the outer packaging by two pictures. The pictures show a handsaw and a carpet knife. It is also important to mention that pleated shades have a minimum width, which is also mentioned on the outer packaging. In my case, I can cut the width from 90 to 50 cm.


In this step, you need to think in advance. Would you like, for example, that the width of the pleated shades is similar to the one of the glass, or do you want it to be a little bit wider. I have decided to cover the glass completely, so I cut my shades to a width of 79 cm.

The perfect Workplace

At your workplace, you should make sure that you use a dust-free surface, as pleated shades quickly absorb dirt and are difficult to clean because of their texture.


My pleats have a width of 90 cm and have to be shortened to 79 cm. Therefore, I have to take away 5.5 cm from both sides. In order to be able to shorten these, you must first remove the protective caps on the sides. Then you take a ruler and a pencil and draw a line on both sides. Here you should make sure to squeeze the plisse with your fingers. Then you unwind the strings and carefully pull them back about 30 cm through the plastic strip. In this step, you should be very careful, because if the string is pulled out too far then this must be threaded again in the most painstaking way.

The fabric of the pleats is glued to a small plastic strip which is incorporated in the large strips. You can then gently push the strip out of the groove, by using a small screwdriver. Then you pick up a pair of pliers and pull the strip a little further out.

Sawing and Cutting

Now you can use a grinding- and engraving tool or a hand saw to saw the bar at the markings. The sawing then creates a ridge that can be easily scraped off with the carpet knife. You should definitely remove this, so that later the caps can be easily put on again. Of course the cloth has to be shortened, too. To do this you must pull the fabric back with the pliers on the plastic strip until the marking is aligned with the cut edge. Now firmly squeeze the pleated shades and cut off the fabric, with the carpet knife in long cuts. The same thing has to be done on the other side. Then put on only the caps, pull back the strings and hang the pleated shades on the window.

Shortening pleated shades can be so easy. You just have to work carefully and cleanly. With that you then have quickly equipped all of your windows.

AuthorPatrick Jung
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