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No power to the stain

Floors are continuously under attack in the house. Not just wet dirt and mud brought in from outside but also impurities like food remains or spilt drinks.

While one can wipe away or vacuum the dirt off tiles and laminates, it is a different story when it comes to carpeted floors. But the good news is that there is usually a simple solution to remove any stain. And it is usually an inexpensive and environment friendly household product. Therefore there is no need to be afraid of small mishaps. Especially those with kids in the house can relax and feel reassured. So let us go directly to our simple and specific tips on cleaning of carpeted floors.

Red wine stains

What you need for these is a glass cleaner. Apply it as soon as possible after the spill. Let it take effect for a while and dab it with paper towels. Do not rub!!! For old red wine stains, apply vinegar essence generously on the stain, let it take effect for a bit and dab it with paper towels.


Take a plastic bag of ice cubes and place it on the wax stain for at least twenty minutes. This makes it easier to scrape it off the carpet with a knife or a spatula. The same method applies to chewing gum. Ice cubes really work wonders.

Chocolate stains

As chocolate has a lot of fat, you will need a solvent. What works best for this stain situation is plain old detergent or gall soap. Simply mix a few drops of detergent in warm water and carefully work on the stain with a towel - ideally a microfiber towel.

Cola stains

The faster you clean the stain after the cola has split, the better it is. But never ever rub. Because if you rub, the liquid gets absorbed deeper into the fibres of the carpet. Once you have dabbed the stain, soak it with mineral water (carbonated) and absorb the liquid continuously with a towel. If there is still something remaining, a generous sprinkling of salt will help. Let it take effect overnight and vacuum it the next morning. Then pour some mineral water over it, wipe it dry and the stain is finally gone.

Our wet/dry vacuum cleaners are really helpful not just in the workshop but also in the house, cellar, garage and car. The tools come in handy when liquids and wet dirt must be removed. Whether it is cleaning your car in winter, a clogged rain drain or cleaning up after a party - the wet/dry vacuum is always by your side to help. Thanks to the additional blowing feature, you can clean even hard-to-reach places, corners and angles. Wet/dry vacuum cleaners help you make the space around you germ-free and recommended for those suffering from allergies.

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