Building a modern bedside table

Today I want to show you how I built this beautiful bedside table with the Einhell router. The whole...

Konstantin Winter
Projects  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)

Valentine's Day Project: Infinite Love

This time we build something very special for our loved ones. Whether for Valentine's Day, for...

Heini Schüür
Projects  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Self-made accordion picture frame

The most personal gifts, whether for the family, friends or the partner, is and remains shared...

Nicole Polkehn
Projects  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

DIY jewellery holder: Turn old into new!

Spring is coming up soon. In the garden, the first branches are cut and the house is getting cleaned...

Patrick Jung
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Decorative bowl with the scroll saw

You can never have enough bowls in a household. Whether it's for fruits, candies, keys or other...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Valentine's Day heart made of wooden discs

In a few weeks it´s the 14th of February, also known as Valentine's Day. If you don´t have a gift...

Tobias Guttenberg
Projects  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Sliding table for the band saw

A band saw is nowadays an indispensable tool in many workshops. However, getting a clean 90 degree...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

Self-refilling bird feeder

As soon as Christmas time is over, winter is entering the country and wrapping everything in its...

Harry Früchtl
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

The universally usable spice rack

Spices provide our daily meals with that certain something. This is why we think that salt, pepper,...

Patrick Jung
Projects  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

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