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Get-to-know-Day at Einhell

After all the great experiences we made and the positive feedback we received in the past, we decided to organize a “Get-to-know-Day” in this year again for the new trainees and students, who will start their occupational career on September the 1st with the Einhell AG.

Last Thursday was the day: All new job starters arrived with their parents in the “Einhell Welt”. Of course the HR had some exciting actions on their agenda. Like in the previous years, personnel manager Hans-Peter Rostan started the “Get-to-know-Day” with a warm welcome, followed by the Training Officer Sabrina König as well as Personnel Assistant Andrea Baumgartner. After that, Max Fritz, member of the workers´ council, held a short presentation about the company and our products.

From now on, the program was splitted: Max Fritz took an interesting tour with the parents across the Einhell premises. The jobs starters on the other hand started to get to know each other better – with a sharing circle, in which everybody introduced themselves with their name, age, home and their apprenticeship / study. One of the highlights was the last question. “Which experience did you already make with Einhell equipment?” Most of them answered: “lawn mower” or “compressor”, but there were some exceptions, like to prepare the barbecue with a leaf blower.

The sharing circle was followed by the first game, which required blind understanding. The trainee advisor and the job starter had to sit on their chairs back to back against each other. One of them received a picture, which he had to explain as detailed as possible to his partner, because the partner had to paint it without seeing it!

Afterwards, the products displayed in the “Einhell Welt” were involved. Teams of two, consisting of the fellow trainee and the job starter, headed towards the showroom and searched for a suitable tool with which they could take a nice picture.

 The game “Tabu” with terms around the company was played subsequently. For that, the group was divided into two teams. In sequence, everybody took a card with a word, which they had to explain to the others. It goes without saying that they weren’t allowed to neither use the term nor similar ones. This made it more difficult.

The next topic on the agenda was handicraft work. The future trainees and students could make a great experience with the Einhell equipment. Thomas Prussait, our product trainer, showed how to sharpen, paint and decorate a wooden board with little details. To top it off, a rope was fixed across the board whereby the picture, which they made previously, was pinned on. The results were impressive!

At the end, the job starters and the parents met again in the seminar room of the “Einhell Welt”, where a buffet with appetizer and desserts were ready. Furthermore, every future trainee got a gift certificate for the industrial selling and a bag with all kinds of useful things. The afternoon ended with active conversations of the trainee advisors about experiences they made in the apprenticeship / study.

All in all the “Get-to-know-Day” was successful and everybody is looking forward to September the 1st!  

Sabrina König Human Resources Business Partner
AuthorSabrina König
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