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Trainee excursions during Corona?

The Enablers made it possible!

On Thursday, September 3, the time had come again – the popular trip for our trainees and students was on the agenda. This year the trainees headed towards Passau. What seems easy was really difficult in reality, because you have to comply with all Corona rules. That is why 38 people sat in the bus – with masks!

At 10 o’clock we were ready to start and left Landau by bus in the direction of Passau. In spite of the masks we could talk very well and the atmosphere was accordingly super! We arrived at 11:15 a.m. at the main station in Passau and made our way to the Veste Oberhaus. We planned a hike of about 30 minutes.

Actually, we assumed that it was an easy way up to the Oberhaus, but after the first few steps at the latest we knew that it wouldn’t be that easy after all!Fortunately, all of us managed the climb and (despite a wrong turn in the meantime) we finally found our way to the Veste Oberhaus. Everyone was now looking forward to their meal, which they could choose in advance. With a great view and our own compartment in the Veste Oberhaus, we were able to eat and enjoy the view. At 13:30 o’clock we set off downhill again on the Ludwigsteig.

Our destination was the pier A12 – because the next point of our agenda was a 45-minute city tour on a Danube boat. We followed the Corona measures of course and enjoyed the stay on the ship in bright sunshine!


After the boat trip, our trainees and students made their way back to the bus and then at 3:30 p.m. we returned to our headquarter in Landau. Our eventful day ended at 16:45 o’clock!

All in all we had a lot of fun and didn’t let Corona spoil our day!

AuthorTobias Glashauer
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