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Our Job-Starter during the corona crisis

„Do we really have to keep a distance of 1.50 meters while writing this article?” An unconventional question to begin with – but no surprise in times like these.

Let us introduce ourselves briefly at the start: We are Julia and Fabienne, the authors of this article and currently working as trainees in the HR-department of Einhell Germany AG. We experience the impact of the corona crisis up on close – in everyday work as well as in the vocational school and in the university. That’s why we decided to give an ‘exclusive’ insight in the current situation from the perspective of us trainees.

By the way – as you can see in the picture above, we really kept a distance of 1.50 meters.

How our Trainees experience the latest/ current workplace situation:

The most important point: Yes, we are allowed to work! Even before the crisis developed to an epidemic, we decided to separate each department in different groups, in order to guarantee the spatial separation of our employees. What does this mean? It means that each team works alternately in the office and in the Home-Office. At this point we want to thank and highlight our IT-department, which made the Home-Office possible within few days.

So far so good. But there was still one final question left: How can we integrate all our trainees in this procedure, especially because the vocational school and university were canceled. That’s why we were allocated in a team within the department. We can work 2 – 3 days per week in the office, whereas we are released from work on the other days (mostly days, in which our colleagues are in Home-Office).

Please do not worry: We aren’t bored on these days! We have to admit that the vocational schools and universities had some problems with the so called “E-Learning”, but now, they adapted to the situation and made the best out of their possibilities.

As can be seen here, only half of our office space is occupied, the other half of the staff is in the home office

Learning despite Corona – Studying at home is indeed possible

Finally, after a long time of praising their digitalization, we came the point where the vocational schools and universities actually reached the digital age (some more, some less).

When the online-classes began, there was one word which described the situation perfectly: chaos!

Especially the apprentices in the 3rd year of their apprenticeship, who are shortly before their final exams, are to be pitied. However, we have to point out that they perfectly adapted to the current situation!

The vocational school in Deggendorf responded very fast and provided the required exam topics online. This means that our apprentices can learn at home and it goes without saying that Einhell supports them when they have any question.

Whereas the apprentices already adapted to the situation, there was a big question mark among our students and their university. Finally, on April 20, our summer semester started with online-classes. On one hand, it’s a pity that we do not see our fellow students, but on the other hand, the online classes bring some advantages with them: You are way more focused than in normal classes at the university. Furthermore, it is possible to watch the courses regardless of time and place and another point is that you can re-watch them, when you didn’t understand a topic in the first place. The most important thing of e-learning is self-discipline.
What I want to highlight is that we can count on the support of our company, even in these tough times!

How we move closer despite distance regulations

We decided to end this article with a positive story, because there are many dark outlooks and headlines currently.

We, the Einhell Germany AG, stick together!

Some weeks ago, we had to close the Einhell factory outlet, also called our “Werksverkauf” However, we did not expect that the work in the “Werksverkauf” increased rapidly. Why? – Keyword: Online shopping! Due to the current situation, people tend to buy products for their houses and gardens – in the Einhell Online-Shop!

Because of increasing online-orders and the reopening of our “Werksverkauf”, we, the students and apprentices, decided to support our fellow employees: Packing orders, filling the shelves or providing goods with the forklift (yes, you heard right, some of us had the chance to drive with the forklift! J ) – We had a lot of fun to do these things, in spite of distance and hygiene regulations!

All in all, we can actually say, that we are moving closer despite distance regulations and that we had insights in departments, which we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

AuthorFabienne Karl
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