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Shooting Sat.1 Bayern

On Thursday, the 5th of March, we welcomed Sat.1 Bayern in the headquarter of the Einhell Germany AG. Reason for the shooting was the topic “Einhell – attractive employer in the region”, to which they will dedicate a short film in the live TV. An important point on the agenda was the back therapy training that took place on that day. We met a very athletic and fully motivated sports group there. After that, Mr Rostan gave a very interesting and revealing interview with the aim to show the benefits that are offered by the Einhell AG to their employees. Besides the interview, Sat.1 Bayern took many pictures of our products and departments. Of course they made some more interviews with other employees, who only gave positive feedback about the working conditions in our company. It goes without saying that the Human Resources department will inform you, when and where the short film will be aired. We hope and we are confident, that a nice film will result about the company Einhell and that we could represent us at our best.

Sabrina König Human Resources Business Partner
AuthorSabrina König
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