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Dual studying and staying abroad?

Yes, it works!

When I started the dual study in business administration at Einhell Germany AG, I was deployed in the export department during my first month. I instantly recognized that I would like to work in the international sector. As I wanted especially get to know the working world abroad, only an internship abroad was the only option for me. I asked if I could do a part of my practical semester, which is an obligation in my study, in one of the numerous subsidiaries of Einhell, and they directly give me green light.

I already loved the subject French in school and France has always fascinated me. Therefore, the choice for the right country was not difficult for me. I chose then the French subsidiary, which is located a few minutes from the metropolis Paris.

In the 5th semester, the adventure going abroad began. My colleagues from the headquarters in Landau and as well the people from the French subsidiary support me very well in the organization. Even the search for a suitable accommodation was taken over by my French colleagues, of course this was really helpful and practical. One month before, I was familiarized with my projects and tasks in France. Moreover, I could establish first contacts with the French employees.

The flight was booked; the apartment was rented; now it could finally start. When I arrived, packed with two suitcases, of course I was a bit excited to stay here for four months. After I was picked up from the airport, we went straight away to the office. There, my initial excitement was immediately gone, because of the friendly and cooperatively mentality of the French people. The first working week passed away really quick and the acclimatization period did not last long due to the great support of my colleagues.

Apart from the work, there was of course also enough time to get to know the country and particularly the city Paris better. Shopping on the Boulevard Champs-Élysées, picnicking on the Eiffel Tower, walking through the artists’ quarter Montmartre and naturally as well the beautiful Christmas Markets in December. These were only a part of my numerous experiences. There was also time for a week’s holiday on the west coast of France so I got to know the country and its people even better.

Finally, I can really recommend to anyone doing an internship abroad. The daily work in the company not only improves your language skills, but you also gather important experience for your future professional career. Since you are fully involved in a new culture in and out of the working world and completely on your own feet, you further your personal development a lot.

I will never forget the wonderful time in Paris, which was made possible for me by the dual study at Einhell Germany AG!
Selina Attenberger
Dual student of Einhell Germany AG
AuthorSelina Attenberger
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