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Trainer meeting and courses

As well as the Jobstarter Meetings for our apprentices and dual-track students, a trainer meeting with follow-up courses takes place every year.

At this meeting of all of Einhell Germany AG's specialist trainers, current themes related to Einhell's training programme are reviewed and discussed. It started with the announcement of the accepted apprentices and dual-track students. In total, spread throughout the year 2018, seven apprentices and two students will start their full time employment in various departments. They start with IT, and covering Quality Assurance, Marketing, Einhell Digital and Client Management, as well as factory sales and goods acceptance / stock taking. This will show once again that training takes a very high priority at Einhell, and the development of individual apprentices and students is very important for us.

In addition, the names of the 12 new recruits who will join us in September 2018 were announced.

It was also revealed that Einhell will offer new professional training programmes. On the one hand, the IT sector will be integrated more closely. On the other hand, they will cover the e-commerce merchant role, as well as that of an industrial clerk.

Finally, there was a feedback session for suggestions for improvement and ideas for future programmes. This is one of the most important parts of the training meeting, as it is particularly important to us to continuously improve our training programmes.

After lunch, an in-house training course for Einhell Germany AG's expert trainers took place. Through this course, external trainers and instructors help us to provide professional training in specialist topics.

Andrea Baumgartner HR Einhell
AuthorAndrea Baumgartner
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