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Cordless lawn mower

Free and independent

With Einhell's Power X-Change battery system you can work independently of fixed power sources and fossil fuels. Simply insert the powerful all-purpose battery system and get going – in every corner of your garden. No cables. No petrol smell. 

Cordless lawn mowers have clear advantages over petrol or electric models, such as their low weight and excellent flexibility. No smelly fumes, no pulling and tugging on the cable, which in the worst case could even get caught under the mower. A cordless lawn mower is particularly suitable for winding gardens, as its versatility and manoeuvrability around shrubs and beds is unbeatable. The cordless version is not only easy to use, but also easy to put away and store. Noise pollution is reduced thanks to low noise levels.


  • Low noise level
  • Emissions-free flexibility
  • Lightweight

Our battery highlights

Cordless lawn mowers in the Power X-Change family

GE-CM 36/36 Li

Power for the perfect lawn

The Einhell GE-CM 36/36 Li (2x4.0Ah) cordless lawn mower is a member of the flexible and powerful Power X-Change series and is recommended for areas up to 400 m². The cordless mower is operated with two 18 Volt 4.0 Ah rechargeable batteries of the user-friendly PXC system series. Two rechargeable batteries and two chargers are included in the scope of delivery. The batteries come with 3 LEDs for level indication and can be combined with any other devices in the system series. he powerful cordless mower is driven by an Einhell brushless motor, which has a longer life and running time than conventional carbon brush motors. 


Powerful and cordless

The Einhell Rassaro cordless lawn mower is fitted with brushless energy and recommended for lawns up to 450 m². Two 4.0 Ah system batteries provide the energy supply, while three LEDs display the battery level. The batteries can be used in all PXC devices. Six-step cutting height adjustment (25-75 mm), 38 cm cutting width and lawn comb for close-to-the-edge mowing help shape your lawn. The ergonomic grip area and the telescoping, folding guide rail made of sturdy aluminium ensure comfortable working conditions. The grass catcher box (45 l) has a fill level display. The package includes 2 batteries, quick charger (PXC Twincharger) and mulch wedge.

Battery lawn mower GE-CM 33 Li

Reliable performance for small lawn areas

Twin-pack technology

If a device needs more power than an 18 V battery, we simply add another battery and generate 36 V. This means that two Power X-Change batteries can be used at the same time - for twice the power and endurance! That's what we call twin-pack technology.

Two Power X-Change batteries form a powerful twin pack in a Einhell lawnmower.

Double Twin-pack technology

Double Twin-pack machines have slots for two additional batteries. If you insert two more batteries in the mower, in the GE-CM 36/47 HW Li, for example, so that all four battery places are occupied, you can mow twice the area without recharging.

Example GE-CM 36/47 HW Li:

Twin-pack 2 x 18 V = 36 V = 500m2 (4,0 Ah)  

Double Twin-pack 2 x 18 V + 2 x 18 V = 36 V + 36 V = 500m2 + 500m2 = 1000m2

Double twin-pack technology

The revolutionary battery system from Einhell

Power X-Change - Your advantages

You only need a single battery * for all work in and around the house, because each battery of the powerful series fits every device in the Power X-Change family and of course to all chargers. We promise this with a 10-year warranty. In addition, you have the choice to buy the devices in a set with one or two batteries and chargers. If you already have a Power X-Change battery and charger at home, you can also buy the devices without a battery.

*36 V devices require 2 x 18 V batteries

Why choose Solo lawn mowers?

  • Compatible with all Power X-Change batteries
  • Cost-effective extension if Power X-Change batteries are available
  • Better for the environment - less raw material and energy requirements, less pollution

Why choose Kit lawn mowers?

  • Purchase additional Power X-Change products for less
  • The perfect introduction to the Power X-Change system
  • Unpack, insert the batteries and start straight away
  • Thanks to Twin-pack technology - many more 36V Power X-Change devices can be used
Large lawns, small lawns Whether you have to mow a small front garden or half a football field: With the Einhell battery adviser you can find the perfect combination of lawn mower and Power X-Change battery!

Which lawn mower is right for which surface?

Lawn area Model Battery Cutting width
Double Twin-pack
150m² GE-CM 18/30 Li 3,0 Ah 30 cm    
200m² GE-CM 33 Li 2,0 Ah 33 cm
250m² GE-CM 36/34 Li 3,0 Ah 33,5 cm
350m² GE-CM 36 Li (M) 3,0 Ah 36 cm
400m² GE-CM 36/37 Li 3,0 Ah 38 cm
450m² RASSARO 4,0 Ah 38 cm
600m² GE-CM 43 Li M 4,0 Ah 43 cm
700m² GE-CM 36/47 S HW Li 4,0 Ah 47 cm
500 + 500m² GE-CM 36/47 HW Li 4,0 Ah 47 cm

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