Hand lawn mower
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Hand lawn mower

For a lawn-friendly individual cutting result

When it comes to cut quality, hand lawn mowers, also known as cylinder mowers, are the best thing you can do for your lawn. They cleanly and quietly mow smaller lawns, and they're environmentally friendly. The horizontal, rotating knife spindles cut off the blades of grass with five curved blades, ensuring a cutting-edge result.


  • Light
  • Emissions-free flexibility
  • Clean cutting

Our top pick

The GE-HM 38 S-F

Cutting-edge results

The hand lawn mower GE-HM 38 S-F is a very functional device for every home gardener. It can be used to mow lawns quietly, effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way. This high-quality cylinder mower features a smooth-running, ball bearing mowing spindle with 5 precision cutting blades made of quality steel, and thanks to four adjustable cutting heights, grass can be cut to exact specifications to produce truly 'cutting-edge' results. Recommended for approx. 250 m² lawn areas.

A hand lawn mower

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