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The Enablers of Einhell

Cordless freedom everywhere instead of extension cords and unreachable corners. Real battery power with up to 1350 watts and only one battery type for all tools in the system instead of confusing battery chaos. That's Power X-Change: The battery system from Einhell for cordless freedom for tools and the garden. The Enablers Anna and André know this too - our two experts who have just one mission together: they show with charm, fun and lots of action what Power X-Change can make possible.

The Enablers from Einhell

Who's behind?


Enabler and Power Woman

Anna is energetic and determined. With her hands-on mentality, she is a real enabler. Thanks to Power X-Change, she really can get to work in the garden - without tangled cables or battery chaos. Simply from one project to the next. When André's ideas get too "creative," she knows how to counter them.


Enabler and Creative Genius

André is clever, creative and curious. His motto is "Why complicate things when they can be simple?". So he humorously questions given norms and looks for "creative" solutions - often to Anna's chagrin. That's why he particularly appreciates the simplicity of Power X-Change. Simply click in the battery and get started - regardless of the device.

The Enablers on TV

Gardening made easy and battery power in the Formula E racing garage

From now on you can see the Enabler on TV again: In one of the new Einhell TV spots, they go out into the garden. In the other, our Anna and André get active support from the motorsport sector. As part of the cooperation with BMW i Motorsport, Roger Griffiths, team boss of BMW i Andretti Motorsport, explains why they have appreciated the cordless freedom of Einhell's Power X-Change cordless tools in their pit lane for several years.

Spot 1: The Enablers present cordless freedom for tools and garden

Spot 2: Battery power in the BMW i Andretti Motorsport Formula E racing garage
What could be better than making something possible with your own hands? Whether I'm being creative in the workshop or tending my garden. Hardly anything else comes close. And when you have cordless freedom, it's twice as much fun!
Our Enablers Anna and André are enthusiastic about the power and flexibility of Power X-Change! Now it's your turn!

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