A man cleans his workshop with an Einhell wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
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Cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Cleaning right to the fibre tips!

If you don't just use your wet/dry vacuum cleaner in one place, but also remove dirt from many different places, it is best to use flexible devices. This is why we have not only equipped our wet/dry vacuum cleaners with agile and stable rollers, but also developed special models with battery operation. Powered by our powerful Power X-Change batteries, you can enjoy cordless freedom with these vacuum cleaners, making them more flexible both indoors and in outside areas. What's more, the batteries from the wet/dry vacuum cleaner can also be used in all other devices in the Power X-Change range.

Advantages at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Battery compatible with all Power X-Change devices
  • Perfect for indoors and outside areas

Cordless. Clever.

Simple vacuuming – whether wet or dry

Whether you're cleaning up dry dirt or liquids, it makes no difference to the cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this battery-powered freedom, the cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner has an unrestricted working radius.

More than just a vacuum cleaner...

All of our wet/dry vacuum cleaners are fitted with a special blowing connection. This allows even hard-to-reach places to be blown out easily and thoroughly. And it can also help with many other activities, such as leaf blowing in the garden.

Choose the right battery for your product! Whether cleaning the workshop, the home, the garden or for cleaning your car. With the Einhell Battery Advisor you will find the right combination of wet-dry vacuum cleaner and Power X-Change battery!

Impressive features:

  • A member of the Power X-Change family, it saves you money
  • It can be used anywhere as it no longer requires a power socket
  • Cordless for maximum freedom of movement
  • Both dry and wet vacuuming is possible for cleaning all kinds of floors
  • With the practical holder, you can save space by easily storing any accessories on the device itself

Find out for yourself!

Cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner TC-VC 18/20 Li S

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