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ECO Power device

Our environmentally conscious powerhouses

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners generally have a higher suction power in order to produce excellent cleaning results, even with coarse dirt. In order to ensure that this does not lead to higher power consumption in frequent or longer operations, we have developed an ECO-Power range. High-quality components such as an optimised impeller, improved connectors and efficient Silent Bi-Turbo motors reduce power consumption by 50%, while maintaining high suction power. In addition to the lower environmental impact, the volume of the vacuum cleaner is significantly reduced by the ECO Power principle.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 50% less power consumption
  • Longer service life thanks to less wear
  • Lower noise emissions

Technical expertise meets environmental protection

Up to 50% energy savings

ECO Power stands for the use of efficient technology. For example, our products feature the latest technical solutions for appreciably imrpoving the ratio of energy input and yield.

  Former Now
Suction power (mbar) 220 220
Motor power (watts) 1500 800
Annual energy costs* (€) 44 22


*calculated with average data from July 2017 with a weekly vacuum cleaner use time of 2 hours

Extremely quiet, but not out of modesty

The interaction of the many technical developments and the efficient use of energy using the ECO Power principle reduces not only the environmental impact but also the user's exposure to unnecessary noise. The ECO Power wet/dry vacuum cleaners are extremely quiet and are also perfectly suitable for living spaces.

Energy-efficient use

Our new ECO Power wet/dry vacuum cleaners are fitted with efficient Silent Bi-Turbo motors. These are extremely powerful, but also economical. These qualities are achieved by using two impellers, which reduce the energy consumption of the vacuum cleaner by half.

All-round cleaning

Our two-way system for suction and cooling air ensures separate motor cooling with optimal suction and filter performance of the device. The motor remains free of dirt, and thus has a longer service life and also ensures less noise.

Smart connectors for lasting performance

Overhanging edges cause power-reducing air vortices and dirt compaction in ordinary suction pipes, but the optimised connectors in our ECO Power wet/dry vacuum cleaners ensure resistance-free air flow and guarantee time and energy-saving suction power over a long period of time.

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