Einhell as Employer

Our values - our benefits

Our claim to ourselves

Family values for sustainable cooperation

Our convincing structure is shaped by our values - as many awards show. We are a medium sized corporation and have never forgotten our family roots, so we value a healthy and fair cooperation amongst our employees. Teamwork is more than a modern buzzword but rather a measurement for successful leadership, satisfied employees and customers. Only when all cogs work together perfectly we can build a successful future upon the achievements of a single person. This is our goal. Every day. And from person to person.

Our corporate values

  • We are open and work together as colleagues
  • We promote and train our staff
  • We strive for growth and consistency
  • We grant our employees benefits and perks
  • We value respect and responsibility

Work culture

Openness and conviviality

A pleasant work environment and a congenial work culture are key to us. Hence we place great value on open and value-based communication. This helps us offer our employees, their ideas and their work, the freedom they need.


Fixed salary and benefits

You will not only get a fixed-pay component that is market-aligned but also a performance-based and  output-oriented variable pay in addition to other compensation components.

Work time scheduling

Flexitime and job sharing

As a former family business it is very important to us that our employees are able to successfully balance their family and work. We hence offer in nearly all areas, flexitime, which unlike other companies are not based on a core period but on work periods.. Overtime  goes to the flexitime account and can on one one-on-one basis be redesigned. You can therefore get some personal errands done not just during your vacation. We assure you 30 days of vacation in a year as well as paid leave for certain special ocassions. In addition to this, you have the option to customize your work with Home office, mobile office or any of our flexible working schedules.

Development opportunities

Training and development

The annual appraisal discussion is an opportunity for the manager and employee to discuss the previous year  The ocassion is used to share areas for improvement, set the path for further development and skill acquisition. Pesonal development is based on two pillars. The employee receives either customised advanced training and support programmes developed in the Einhell Academy. Or it will be tried with the help of external partners and training facilitators to design suitable training programmes. We would like to give our employees the opportunity to use their potential and develop both as a person and a professional to be able to take up more responsible and challenging assignments.

Health management

Sports and workshops

The health of our workforce is one of our key assets. We would hence as employers like to create the conditions for healty work environment through our company's health management program "Einhellig gesund". Hence we not only have free fruit and water or sports programmes for all our employees, but we also want to build a value based and successful organization culture with our leadership training workshops and talks.


Language skills and communication

44 subsidiaries and partners – 90 countries – 1,650 employees worldwide. Einhell has a large network of marketing partners. The network takes care of customers both close and afar.

This enables our employees to develop and practice intercultural communication, for example with China, and improve their knowledge of the language. But there is nothing to worry if you do not feel fit, we shall find a solution in our Einhell Academy to help you improve your language skills.

Employee advantages and perks

Employee discounts and allowances

Of course, all of our employees can receive all Einhell Products at special preferential prices. In addition to this, all employees have the option to shop at reduced prices on what is called the advantage platform from various retailers and online shops. Furthermore, we help all parents in our workforce with allowances for holidays.


Growth and stability

Even though Einhell has been listed on the stock exchange as a joint stock company since 1987 our internal company philosophy continues to be that of a family business. For example, the family of our company's founder is still the majority shareholder. What this means for our employees is, steady growth and stability, in other words security is given highest priority.

Retirement planning

Capital forming benefits and direct insurance

We help our employees plan their future with capital forming benefits and direct insurance. Furthermore, we have an experienced partner on hand, who advises our employees individually in matters related to pension planning.

Your future at Einhell

Apprenticeship, studies and career

We could tell you much about Einhell, but if you want to know more about chances, perspectives and possibilities should talk to those who are really affected by our career options. This is why we let our apprentices and college students speak for themselves.

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