Company tour of the Girls' Day Academy of the Secondary School Landau

On the trail of the professional world

On May 31st, 2022, 15 participants of the Girls' Day Academy of the Secondary School Landau visited us. It was one of the first factory tours that we as a company were able to offer again after the long break caused by the corona pandemic. Accordingly, the anticipation was great!

At the beginning, Max Fritz, our works council chairman, and I welcomed the students to our new bistro. Here we gave them a brief insight into the course of the day. There was also exciting information about our company. Then the company investigation started.

Starting with the incoming goods/goods registration and repair departments, we went on to the spare parts warehouse, which currently contains around 50,000 different parts. This was followed by an insight into the service center and the logistics center, the company's main warehouse. Our fully automated high-bay warehouse, which offers space for around 41,000 pallets, was particularly impressive for the participants. The ceiling of the 43 meters high camp was explored with our rechargeable lamp.

At this point, Max Fritz explained to the students that some of our employees were even trained in climbing so that they can investigate the causes of malfunctions in the system. The girls were quite impressed by these dimensions.

At the end of the tour, there was an insight into our Einhell world. In addition to a model workshop where our customers can test the products, there was a comprehensive insight into the breadth of our product range. There was also a look at the inner workings of our Power-X-Change battery. Finally, there was a brief overview of the training opportunities at Einhell Germany AG. Afterwards, the schoolgirls would be released into their well-deserved end of work with well-filled Einhell bags.

We hope the girls' group had an exciting and interesting insight into our company! We wish them all the best in their future careers!

photo of Fabienne Karl
AuthorFabienne Karl
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