Get to know Day 2021 by Einhell Germany AG

In the last years, the so‐called get to know day had been very successful by the Einhell Germany AG. Because of this fact, it was more regrettable, that this year, the get to know day could not take place – at least not in presence. However, we wanted to give our new job starters some insights of Einhell. For this reason, a virtual get‐to‐know day was organized.

In addition to a short introductory session, the job starters also get a quick overview to Einhell news. Next, they meet their sponsors. In break out rooms, they had time to exchange and ask questions to them. Afterwards, there was a little game.

Overall, the virtual get to know day was successful! We are very happy to welcome our new job starters in september 2021!

photo of Fabienne Karl
AuthorFabienne Karl
Reading time5 minutes