Get to know Day 2022 at Einhell Germany AG

This year it was finally time again: The so‐called Get‐to‐know day at Einhell Germany AG was able to take place in person again. Unfortunately, last year we had to switch to a virtual event and this year, the format could only take place on a smaller scale. Despite the circumstances, it was a great day again! This year in September, nine new trainees and students will start with us. The get‐to‐know‐day is designed to enable our new job starters to get to know the company better before they start their training.

At the beginning of this year’s Get‐to‐kow Day, the future trainees and students were welcomed by their instructors, sponsors and the HR manager of the Einhell Germany Group, Hans‐Peter Rostan. This was followed by a game together with the sponsors. The sponsors are trainees and dual students who are already started an apprenticeship with us and therefore they are already one step further.

The game was „Activity‟.  The job starters and sponsors had either to explain, draw or imitate through pantomime Einhell Terms – So anyone who knows the game should know what fun it was! ;)

The game was followed by a small „photo shoot‟ together with the sponsors and Einhell devices in our Einhell world. The job starters were not only allowed to look at the Einhell devices, but also to work with them! Afterwards, they also were allowed to make their own photo frame in our workshop. The previously taken photos were immortalized on it.

Finally, the day ended with a meal together with the sponsors. The job starters were able to clarify all open questions about training or dual studies here – and this in a very informal setting with delicious food!:–)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors and job starters! It was really a nice day and we are looking forward to welcome you to our company from September 2022!

photo of Fabienne Karl
AuthorFabienne Karl
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