New apprenticeships at the Einhell Germany AG

Our Company, the Einhell Germany AG, takes high investments for the future. With the Knowledge, that our good educated employees have a high impact on the success of our company, we try to handle the advancing digitalization. Because of this matter, we decided to introduce two new apprenticeships:

  1. Apprenticeships for E‐Commerce Merchants
  2. Apprenticeships for Business People in digitalization management

A look behind the scenes in online retail – with the apprenticeships to become a merchant in e‐commerce (m/f/d)

In the three years of your apprenticeships, you will get to know online trading from A to Z. Your area of work is very interesting and diversified: You maintain and market our products in both national and international online shops and communicate with our online customers. You will also help shape online marketing and deal with key figures, analyzes and strategies. You will go through various departments such as our sales e‐commerce, the Einhell digital department, our online marketing and many more. At the end of your apprenticeship, you will have mastered many exciting areas of responsibility and will be an expert on everything to do with online trading. In addition, you have laid the foundation for numerous opportunities for further development in a profession with absolute future prospects.

Has IT always been your world? – Then training as a businessperson in digitization management (m/f/d) is exactly the right thing!

When you think of „Linux‟ you don’t just think of a female dog name and „penguin‟ doesn’t automatically call you up the association „animal‟? Then the training as a businessperson for digitization management (m / f / d) is exactly the right thing!

In this apprenticeship, young talents deal with problems and solutions in the IT area and are the first point of contact for many when it comes to technical emergencies. On the whole: nothing works without you!

In the three years of training, the trainees learn, how to create software descriptions and help‐programs for our employees, how to manage and coordinate IT systems, and they acquire the necessary hardware and software. Our young employees get to know different departments in our company – On the one hand commercial areas such as accounting and purchasing, on the other hand they learn a lot in our IT departments such as Einhell Digital, IT infrastructure, IT logistics and many more.

All in all, by the end of their training, business people in digitization management have mastered numerous exciting tasks relating to IT systems and are an important point of contact for our employees.

After the boat trip, our trainees and students made their way back to the bus and then at 3:30 p.m. we returned to our headquarter in Landau. Our eventful day ended at 16:45 o’clock!

All in all we had a lot of fun and didn’t let Corona spoil our day!

photo of Fabienne Karl
AuthorFabienne Karl
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