The powerful compressors from Einhell create exactly the compressed air you need. The devices can be used flexibly for a wide variety of tasks. Whether for inflating tyres, cleaning, chiselling, tacking or for assembly work – with the right tools mounted on the compressor, all your DIY projects will be a success. Even painting and sandblasting work becomes an effortless undertaking with these devices. Discover the various Einhell compressors with power connection, battery, as a hybrid option, or case compressor.

The different compressors from Einhell

Cordless compressors for on the go

The cordless compressor from Einhell supports you at home and on the go. Powered by the batteries from the Power X-Change system, the device delivers maximum performance. Thanks to its oil-free pump, the cordless compressor also requires little service and maintenance. The cordless compressor can be regulated up to 8 bar using a pressure regulator. The regulated working pressure in the cordless compressor can be read on the pressure gauge. The cordless version really impresses with its simple handling. Thanks to the ergonomic handle and the compact design, you can easily transport the cordless compressor. In your car or workshop: Quick and easy, it will always be to hand when you need it. Accessories included with the cordless compressor are a compressed air fabric hose, a blowing gun and a filling gauge for tyres, as well as an adapter set for inflating tires, balls and air mattresses.

Flexible hybrid compressors

The ideal addition for garages, tool cellars and gardens – as well as for on the go. Compact and wirelessly stored in the car, the Einhell hybrid compressor is also ready for use outside the home at any time thanks to the lithium-ion battery. With the hybrid compressor, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in your projects, as you can use it with either a mains connection or a battery. Our hybrid compressor includes a high-pressure pump and a low-pressure pump, so you can easily supply air to your bike and car tires, air mattresses, and even inflatable boats. With the help of the digital pressure display and preselection, you always know exactly how many bars your car's tyres still need. Thanks to the integrated suction function, you can also quickly deflate air mattresses.

Compressors with mains connection

With compressors from Einhell, you can inflate bicycle, motorcycle or car tyres easily, precisely and quickly. They are ideal helpers in the home, workshop and garage. Some models are equipped with a whisper motor, making the devices run quieter in operation, without compromising on performance. Depending on the model, the compressors achieve a maximum operating pressure of up to 10 bar. Many of our devices are equipped with a pressure reducer, which makes it easy to regulate air release. Air compressors are also equipped with at least one quick coupling for connecting the compressed air tool. On some models, you can read unregulated boiler pressure using a pressure gauge. Depending on the model, the delivery includes a blowing gun, a filling gauge for tyres, various adapters for balls, tires and air mattresses, and a compressed air hose with quick coupling.

Compact case compressors

The powerful Einhell case compressor is handy, compact and easy to use. You use a case compressor to inflate tyres for bicycles, cars and motorcycles, or as a pump for lilos on a fun trip to the beach or lake. In the home workshop, you can use it with a blowing gun to clean work surfaces. The oil-free pump provides you with compressed air of up to 8 bar and makes the device particularly low-maintenance. Delivery includes a compressed air hose with quick coupling, a blowing gun, a filling gauge for tires and various inflation adapters.

Whether compressors with power connection, cordless compressors, hybrid compressors or case compressors – discover all the functions of Einhell compressors and find out which device is best suited to your projects. Einhell air compressor guide

What to look out for when purchasing a compressor

On the market you will find a large selection of air compressors. However, not all air compressors are suitable for every application. Therefore, you should pay attention to some important points when buying an air compressor.

Compressor output power

Before you buy an air compressor, you should consider what projects you want to use it for and how much pressure you need. Different sizes are available with a capacity of 6 to 90 litres, but there are also case compressors without compressed air tanks. The output power is the actual amount of air that the compressor provides for your work.

Battery or mains connection

Depending on the application, a model with a battery or a model with a mains connection may be better suited for you. If you want to benefit from maximum performance and power in your garage, garden or workshop, then the air compressor with mains connection is the right choice. Connected to the power supply, the device can be used at any time, spontaneously and, most importantly, without interruptions. However, if you also want to work with the device on the go, then the cordless compressor or the hybrid compressor are better suited. With the cordless compressor and the hybrid compressor, you benefit from a limitless range of motion, and thanks to the high-quality Power X-Change batteries you still have enough power for many projects.

Short works or longer projects

Want to use the compressor for longer projects? Then you should include a reserve volume in the compressed air tank. A compressed air tank with a volume of 50 litres or more is best suited for this purpose. In order to be able to work without interruptions, purchasing a larger air compressor is always worthwhile. Models with smaller boilers are usually more mobile, but you have to refill the compressed air tank more often during extensive work than compressors with a larger tank volume.

Accessories and connections

Most connections for compressors are standardised, so you can use various accessories with a quick coupling. Helpful accessories are the compressed air impact wrench, the compressed air stapler and nailer, spray guns and accessories for checking pressure when inflating tyres. For cordless compressors, a second battery is worth considering as a replacement.