A Petrol lawn mower
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Petrol lawn mower

Powerful with long-lasting performance

A petrol lawn mower is a powerful and robust aid for your garden at home, for green areas on the edges of the property and individual meadows and forest trails. With continuous propulsion, it can also vigorously tackle dense vegetation with unruly growth. Wild areas can easily be brought under control with this manoeuvrable and powerful device. A petrol lawn mower is ideal for large areas thanks to its cordless freedom, powerful engine and robust housing.


  • Powerful
  • Large range
  • Wheel drive

The right product whatever your needs

Lawn area Model Cutting width
Mulch function
Electric start with Power X-Change battery
1400m² GC-PM 47 S HW 47 cm
1600m² GE-PM 48 S HW-E Li 48 cm
1800m² GE-PM 53 S HW-E Li 53 cm
1800m² GE-PM 53 VS HW B&S 53 cm
1800m² GC-PM 46 S HW-T 46 cm
2200m² GC-PM 56 S HW 56 cm

Einhell VORTEX Technology

The metal cutting deck has been designed to be particularly flow-optimised. Thanks to its special shape, the rotating blade creates a strong suction that raises the grass before cutting. Only then it is separated and crushed in the optimally flowing air flow with great force and ejected.

The Einhell VORTEX Technology

Power X-Change electric start

Easy starting of the petrol engine using the electric start function with the Power X-Change battery system – start with just the press of a button.

  • No annoying starting up with a hand starter
  • The battery can also be used for other Power X-Change devices
A petrol lawn mower with Estart Funktion with PXC battery system

Easy to clean

Connecting a standard garden hose with quick coupling allows easy cleaning of the lawn mower by supplying water and simultaneous rotation of the cutting blade.

Comfortable cleaning of the lawn mower

Einhell GE-PM 53 S HW B&S petrol lawn mower

Reliable performance for large lawn areas

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