Disposal of old electrical Devices

This page contains all the essential information regarding the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) must not be disposed of together with household waste. Electrical and electronic equipment may contain hazardous substances which, if released, have serious negative impacts on the environment, wildlife and health.

The "crossed-out wheeled bin" mark on your electrical or electronic equipment therefore indicates that unwanted equipment must not be disposed of with household waste!

Disposal options

Basically, you can dispose of unwanted electrical appliances as follows:

  • Take them to an authorised WEEE collection point operated by a local authority (public waste management authorities or recycling centres)
  • Support national recycling campaigns
  • Donate the product you no longer want to a nonprofit organisation

Einhell WEEE take-back

Einhell also offers a free take-back and disposal service for your electrical appliances.

Conditions for participation

  1. The ElektroG3 regulation is a national law that only applies in Germany - for this reason, only customers with a place of residence or delivery address in Germany are entitled to use this service.
  2. You are entitled to free collection and take-back of old electrical appliances if you have previously purchased heat exchangers (oil radiators) or large appliances with edge lengths of more than 50 cm in our online shop. Purchases of Einhell small appliances with edge lengths of less than 50 cm do not entitle you to free pick up and disposal of old electrical devices.
  3. 1-for-1 return – i.e. you are only entitled to return unwanted electrical equipment of a similar nature. For example, if you bought an electric lawn mower in our online shop, you could have us take back and dispose of your old electric lawn mower free of charge. This would not work with a washing machine, as this is not a similar appliance to the electric lawn mower.
  4. 0:1 return – i.e. you can send up to 3 smaller (with an edge length of less than 25 cm) used electrical appliances of a different type and we will dispose of them free of charge.

Important information about the process for returning WEEE through Einhell

  • You need to register your WEEE return in a separate registration process after you have completed your purchase.
  • Our service staff will review your take-back request and contact you to discuss the next steps for the collection of your WEEE.
  • You will receive the shipping label for returning your old device by email.

You need the following information to apply for a WEEE take-back

  • Order number for your purchase from our online shop
  • Personal details
  • Details oft he WEEE (brand, weight, dimensions, information about batteries, etc.)