The Einhell Smart Pump

Making watering your garden child's play

With the smart Einhell GE-AW 1144 SMART domestic water system, watering your garden automatically has never been as easy and convenient as it is today. Thanks to app control and communication over the mobile network, you can now water your garden from anywhere and at any time – without Bluetooth or WLAN! All you need is suitable network coverage within the European Union. 

Easily set up an irrigation schedule from the Einhell Connect app and use the free time you gain for other things in your garden. Another benefit of the GE-AW 1144 Smart is that it can also take weather data into account, so overwatering is now a thing of the past and there is no need to worry anymore.

Make your garden really smart now and combine other Einhell smart devices with the GE-AW 1144 SMART domestic water system.


Automatic home and garden pump

The smart domestic water system combines all the benefits in a single device and, thanks to the Einhell Connect app, the GE-AW 1144 SMART can also be integrated with other smart devices.


  • SMART CONNECTIVITY: Control via Einhell Connect app
  • Can be controlled from ANYWHERE using our app 
  • Large water filler plug for easy priming of the pump
  • Water drain plug protects against frost damage; Built-in thermal protection
  • Dry run protection
  • Integral pre-filter 
  • Convenient main on/off switch

Technical specifications:

  • Flow rate: max. 5,000 L/h
  • Discharge head: max. 48 m
  • Suction head: max. 8 m
  • Max. pressure: 4.8 bar
  • Pressure connector: 33.3 mm (R1 internal thread)
  • Suction connector: 42 mm (R1 1/4 external thread)

Smart functions at a glance

Smart Technology from Einhell

Using your smartphone, you can now water your garden from anywhere*, thanks to the device's direct connection to the mobile network.
In "Smart Mode", the pump automatically creates a schedule that is optimised to the weather and your preferences.
Smart Mode uses real-time weather data for the current location of the pump to adjust the irrigation times accordingly.
Already have an Einhell Smart device? Perfect! With Smart Mode, they can coordinate with each other automatically.
The times that the pump will run can be set down to the minute using the schedule setting. This means you can now water your garden even more efficiently.
No more annoying limitations due to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal ranges. Communication takes place via the cellular network.

*Requirement: Existing mobile network coverage; within the European Union
You can check the mobile coverage at your home's location using the dead zone map provided by the German Federal Network Agency. 

Your benefits at a glance

More independence with the GE-AW 1144 SMART

Smart Mode

This pump is really smart! In Smart Mode, the irrigation system uses artificial intelligence, also known as AI, to learn and adapt to the individual behaviour of the user. The garden pump can use the available data and user behaviour to automatically create schedules that are perfectly tailored to the weather and your preferences. If you give the automatic water pump permission to use your location, it even incorporates data on the current weather. The garden pump learns in which weather conditions and at what time you usually water your garden, and creates its own schedule based on this. This really turns watering the garden into a smart and efficient irrigation process. If you already have other smart devices in your garden, they can automatically coordinate with each other via Smart Mode. You can select which devices are enabled for this beforehand in the Einhell Connect app.


No Wi-Fi. No Bluetooth. All you need is a stable cellular connection. This ensures wide coverage and lets you control the device no matter where you are. The smart irrigation system relies on two technologies: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and NB-IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things). The GSM standard was introduced in the 1990s and is one of the world's leading mobile communications standards. The NB-IoT standard enables devices and equipment to be networked with wide operating reach. This ensures good signal coverage even in places that are hard to access. Even when you're on holiday, you can water your lawn easily via the app.


Einhell Connect app

The Einhell Connect app turns the Einhell GE-AW 1144 SMART home and garden pump into an automatic irrigation system and brings smart technology to your garden. The app lets you adjust a wide range of settings from the comfort of your sofa. You can control irrigation schedules, view the system status and the time it was last synced, check live readings, such as water temperature or discharge pressure, and be notified of any important messages or information about your irrigation system. Furthermore, other Einhell smart devices can also be integrated and coordinated via the app. You can find more information about the Einhell Connect app here.

Download the Einhell Connect app

Not sure if the GE-AW 1144 SMART domestic water system is the right pump for you? Just take a look at our pump guide, because inefficient pumping is a thing of the past!

Update procedure

How to make a Firmware Update

Requirements for the USB stick for the firmware update:

  • The USB stick shouldn´t be larger than 8 GB.
  • The USB stick shouldn´t contain any hidden files, folders or partitions.
  • The USB stick must be formatted in FAT32.

How to update the Firmware:

  • Download the file to an empty USB stick.
  • Before you start installing the firmware update, unplug the pump.
  • Open the cover and insert the USB stick into the USB port on the back of the pump.
  • Connect the power plug of the pump to start the update process automatically. You can see that the update process has started when the blue LED of the pump is turned off.
  • The update process is completed after approx. 1 min. Afterwards remove the USB stick and wait until the blue LED is blinking again.
  • Once the blue LED lights up permanently, you can check the Firmware version in the App under Settings.

Release Notes:

  • Improved session and reconnection-checks
  • General improvements
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Services for your automatic domestic water and garden pump


3-year Einhell product warranty

Our complimentary additional service especially for you Register your new Einhell product within the first 30 days of purchase and benefit from the extended warranty. Once you register, we will extend the warranty on your smart pump by an additional year, making a total of 3 years. 3-2-1 and off we go: Find the serial number on your Einhell product and start the registration process!

Spare parts service

Sustainable, reliable, and the perfect match: Our subsidiary iSC GmbH supplies you and your Einhell products with any spare part you could think of. Even once the statutory warranty period has elapsed, you can be sure that your Einhell products will be professionally maintained and repaired with original components should they become damaged or worn.

Repair service

As a 100% subsidiary of Einhell, iSC GmbH not only offers high-quality original spare parts, but also exemplifies the outstanding service from Einhell: Specialist repair technicians in our in-house workshop take care of each individual repair case to ensure that your smart pump is quickly back in working order and fully operational again.

*The support period for firmware updates is at least 2 years from the product launch.

Getting started

Get started quickly and easily

Do you have questions about the GE-AW 1144 SMART home water system?

We have the answers!

#General – Do I need a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to control the pump from the app?

No, neither WLAN nor Bluetooth is necessary for controlling the pump via the app. The pump communicates directly with your smartphone via the mobile network. There are no additional costs.

#General – Can the pump only be controlled from the app?

No, the pump can also be used without the app as a conventional automatic domestic water system.

#General – Does the pump have an automatic mode so that it switches on automatically when water is required?

Yes, the pump has an integrated pressure switch, which automatically switches the device on and off.

#General – Do I need a separate pre-filter to protect the pump from contaminants in the water?

No, the pump already has a pre-filter installed.