Batteries / Chargers

Experience cordless freedom with the Power X-Change battery system from Einhell. Here you will find batteries with various capacities and levels of performance, compatible chargers and complete sets that provide an affordable way to get started. The Einhell cordless product range already includes over 300 tools and appliances, all of which can be operated with the same battery thanks to our Power X-Change battery system. This saves you time and hassle and helps you achieve more. For 36-V tools, you can easily combine two 18-V Power X-Change battery packs.

Power X-Change batteries, chargers and accessories

Combinable Power X-Change batteries

Not all batteries are equal – but with our innovative Power X-Change family, all batteries across our system are compatible with all chargers, all cordless tools and all cordless garden equipment. Depending on how much power your tool needs and how long you need to use it for, you can choose from a wide range of batteries between 1.5 Ah and 8 Ah. All batteries include an Active Battery Management System which ensures maximum safety and performance. Find out here which features distinguish certain batteries.

Chargers: Power for your batteries

Used your battery intensively? Our Power X-Change chargers can be used to charge any battery in the system. These smart chargers feature a charging management system which monitors the inserted battery to ensure a safe charging process. Integrated LED indicators provide information about the status of the charger and battery at all times. Do you currently have several batteries in use at the same time and only a few spares at hand? To charge your batteries faster, or to charge more than one at a time, check out our Power X-Charger models with fast charging mode or multiple battery slots. Find out more about our chargers here.

Starter kits: Battery and charger kits

Want to buy your first Power X-Change cordless tool? Our practical starter kits make it even easier to get started with our battery system family. Compatible with all cordless tools and cordless garden equipment, here you will find affordable sets including a charger and one or more batteries for your tools. So you can supply both your 18 V tools and your 36 V cordless tools with the power they need. By the way, even if you already have Power X-Change tools, you might still want to have a closer look at our starter kits – maybe it's worth adding more batteries and chargers to your collection!

Accessories for Power X-Change batteries

Accessories for accessories – yes, there really is such a thing! For example, our battery wall brackets help store your batteries neatly and tidily. With our USB adapter, the battery for your power tool becomes a portable power bank for mobile phones, tablets, etc. So you can also use your Power X-Change batteries to power other devices. A belt for your tool batteries - sounds weird? But it does make sense! In particular, when doing strenuous gardening jobs such as cutting hedges, you can wear the batteries for your 36 V tool on your belt to take some of the load off your arms. The Power X-Change Battery Protector, which simply slips over the battery, offers better protection against dust, humidity and splashes of water.

Cordless freedom in the workshop & garden Einhell Power X-Change batteries & chargers

Tips and tricks for handling batteries and chargers

Different capacities for any application

From the large cordless table saw to the cordless hot glue gun that sits in your hand: The range of Power X-Change tools is huge and growing constantly. To make sure you also have the right battery for every tool – whether small and light or large and powerful - the batteries in the system also come in a wide variety. As a rule, all Power X-Change batteries are compatible with every cordless tool. Nevertheless, it may make sense to choose a larger battery with a capacity of 4.0 Ah or more when working intensively with, for example, cross-cut saws or wet/dry vacuum cleaners. If you are expanding your selection of tools at home, it is also worth adding to your collection of batteries at the same time.

Ready to use at any time

Battery empty with half of your hedge still left to cut? No problem! Thanks to our innovative interchangeable battery system, you can simply remove the empty battery from your tool and switch it for a fully charged Power X-Change battery. The amount of time you can work for with each battery will always depend on the tool in question. You can find these specific values in a graphic in the respective product information. In any case, one thing is clear: If you have the appropriate spare batteries ready to go, you do not need a mains-powered or petrol-powered tool, even for time-consuming jobs.

Charging multiple batteries

If you are working with an 18-volt tool, it is usually enough to have one spare battery on hand. However, more powerful equipment such as lawn mowers for larger areas often feature our 36-volt Twin-Pack technology. If the combined capacity of the two 18-volt batteries is not enough for the task, you should also have a pair of spare batteries on hand so you can keep using your cordless tool for even longer. These can be charged in next to no time, for example with our Twin-Charger battery charger thanks to its dual slots. The Power X-Quattro Charger even has slots for four batteries, and can charge two of them at the same time.