Einhell recycles your battery

Our contribution to greater sustainability

With more than 16 million Power X‐Change batteries already sold and as a pioneer in the field of battery technology, we see ourselves as a role model when it comes to sustainability. This includes sustainable use of valuable resources such as cobalt, copper, nickel and many other raw materials. That is why we offer our customers all-round service, not only for the lifetime of the battery, but also beyond this, by taking care of the recycling of used batteries. Below, we explain exactly how our battery takeback scheme works.

Einhell battery recycling

We will dispose of your Einhell battery for you – sustainably & according to EU guidelines

Think used batteries are simply hazardous waste? Not quite – with modern recycling methods, used batteries can now serve as a valuable source of important raw materials. For this reason, we have developed a recycling scheme for our Power X‐Change batteries with the aim of returning valuable raw materials to the manufacturing process chain.

Einhell recycling process

Recycling your Einhell battery, step by step

1. Collecting your details

Simply fill out the form below with your address and customer details. This allows us to record the recycling order for your old battery with us. We also need some information about your battery, such as its article number and the version of the battery. We also need information about whether the battery still works.

2. We'll send you a shipping box

After submitting the form, we will check all the information and provide you with a free shipping package with further information on how to package and ship your Power X-Change battery.  Of course, we also take care of the shipping costs when taking back the battery.

3. We'll recycle your battery for you

When it comes to recycling, we rely on the European market leader in battery recycling: Redux GmbH. The company draws on 20 years of experience and also boasts the largest industrial plant for Li‐ion recycling. Thanks to modern recycling – according to German environmental and safety standards – a maximum amount of recyclable materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and active mass is recovered from the cells from each lithium-ion battery. To achieve the best possible results, Redux GmbH separates housing parts from electronics and modules and handles them carefully. This means that in addition to recycling 90% of the metals from lithium-ion batteries, the highest possible safety for customers and the environment can be guaranteed.

Battery disposal by Einhell

We recycle your battery for you

To dispose of or recycle your battery, we still need some details from you:

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